Jun 25, 2014

South Ogden Days Parade

I love this parade.  Mainly, because it's the same one I used to go to with my grandma and cousins every year we could.  Plus, we always got tons of salt water taffy.  TONS.  They still throw out tons of candy.  Though they have changed the location of the parade, it still runs through the neighborhoods.  Which, blows the husband's mind.  The parades he always went to were on Main Street and usually included sheep.  Like this one. He was still a little wary that random strangers just plop themselves down on someone's front yard.

We gathered up some of our neighbors to join us on some random person's lawn. 


I didn't actually get too many photos of the actual parade because I was too busy taking them of this little lady.  She was so much more into it this year.  She would cheer, run out and get candy and just stare. 


The humane society threw out stuffed animals, which hello, AWESOME!  Even if they did say 2013 from last years Christmas, who cares?  We actually got two dogs and a dog toy.  I originally gave the first dog away to the nice little girl next to me because I really didn't want to take one home.  But then a nice guy across the street came and gave/shoved his to the husband.  "For your baby." He said.  Orion was just hanging out in his carrier with Derek.  It was sweet and Aiko really did love the dog. 

You can't quite see, but there are frooties all around Aiko.   She would pick up as many as she could and hold on to dear life.  I had to pry them from her fingers to put in the bag.  

She didn't even know it was food until I let her have one.  Which, it's a good thing I didn't let her have one until the end.  I don't normally let her have candy, but I thought, shoot, it's a dang parade! 

I'm so glad that I can share this parade with my family now!

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  1. I'm so jealous!! All your posts make me miss Ogden so much!!especially the farmers market.