Jun 17, 2014

Memorial Weekend in Old Iron Town

Aiko and I decided to take a walk through memory lane the other day.  Or rather, my memories.  It's crazy to think that she could have been raised here. (all 20 months of her life that is.)  

I don't think people believe us when we tell them we lived in the country.  I mean, we lived in the sticks.  Those who have visited this little town probably went there on a 1st grade field trip. This road isn't even asphalt, they just barely put in these rocks a couple years ago.  When we lived there it was a red dirt road.  There was maybe 15 people that lived there year round.  We didn't even have phone lines.  If you wanted the phone you did satellite or internet.  It is a beautiful place.

If you got just around the bend in the road you'll find this old ghost town.  

Lovely little Old Iron Town.  

The husband wanted to do some work on the house, so Aiko and I took a little hike. 

There is a nature hike with some old houses and descriptions of plants.  Call me a nerd, but I LOVE reading about the local plants.  It may be the hippie in my aching to learn something new.  Plus, it's fun finding plants that I use with my essential oils.  (I can't remember walking this before, but the husband swears it's been there forever.) 

Baby girl had a fever from teething, so she requiring extra care during the hike. 

I feel the desert is it's own unique beauty. 

Granted, it was more spring time here in Old Iron Town, so it was actually greener than usual.

If you get a chance, you should take the drive and go 30 miles west of Cedar City.  It's well worth the drive!  Plus, you can pick up little hitchhikers like this guy. 

This is actually the ONLY picture I know of that actually shows our garage.  Right before we moved, we built the garage...we didn't know we were moving suddenly, but we did.  If you know someone looking for a house with an awesome garage in the sticks, send em our way!

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