Jun 12, 2014

Easter blogging, months after April.

It's that time of the year again. 
What? Your Easter doesn't include a brutal easter egg hunt that involves large amounts of ammo, grandkids, great grandkids and usually one or two casualties?  

That's just absurd. 

This is a serious affair.  All the cousins nearby come.

Starting Line. 

Shooting at the kids and pregnant people give you more points and self esteem. 

The eldest of the grandchildren won the illustrious egg, filled with money and more self esteem. 

Checking out our bounty.

There were some of us who lost...by a lot, mainly because eggs were stolen by little children or we didn't understand the riddle. 

My lovely family.

Egg rollin contest.

Seeing who can throw the egg the farthest in the street. 

As always.  Good Times. 

Thanks Auntie Mitsie and Happy Short Retirement!

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