Jun 15, 2014

Memorial Weekend in Pine Valley

I feel like we're getting our groove back.  Before babies we were always on the go.  Now, we're figuring out how to go again, but this time with our babies.  It makes pictures so much more important.  I'm constantly trying to capture the moments, maybe too many.  Like my friend above, who joined us from our house in Old Iron Town all the way to Pine Valley and back again.  Good little friend.

We got to spend a lot more time with our family these last couple weeks.  So we decided to visit Pine Valley.  Aiko loved it.  Regardless of how she looks in this photo.  I feel like she became a whole new person in two weeks from hanging out with her cousins.  I probably should get out more and find her some friends. . . .  also, my hair looks like an octopus in this picture.

Most of these photos were taken by the husband.  Once upon a time he was an artsy guy.  Now, I kind of have to force him to photos.  He takes using other gadgets instead of my trusty "Auto."

I'm still getting used to kids.  I'm not exactly a patient person, but we are learning our limits of what we can do with kids.  Even the husband admitted that with kids it's kind of nice, because you are forced to slow down some.


Ever smelled a Ponderosa tree?  Some say it smells like butterscotch or vanilla.  I choose butterscotch.  I really miss this smell and the trees. 

Pine Valley just recently redid their campgrounds.  I've never actually been camping here, but we always loved driving through.  It's this magical green valley in the middle of the southern Utah desert.   We checked out the campgrounds and plan to come back sometime.

I couldn't find a good place for this photo in the flow of the blog...so I insert it here.  Because I really like it.  Plus, that beard on that husband of mine.  

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