Feb 27, 2012

I love my Nerd

I know, it's upside down. 
Deal with it. 

A few things worthy to blog about. 
1. Children no longer know who Yoshi is.  I just don't even know what to say, Yoshi was an integral part of my childhood.
2. A Music store was going out of business...we wanted the shelves. 
So we bought some...

some of these
and these,
about 20 of these,
a 3 wall panels.
done and done.
I didn't even have to bargain, they were such a good deal it didn't matter!  Go Us!
now, we just need a place to put up these awesome shelves.

Come on House in South Ogden!  
We really want you.

Feb 22, 2012

Because I haven't blogged about her in a while.

The Kona's Pet Peeves

1. the husband wiping her eye boogies out
2. not sharing a piece of WHATEVER you are eating
3. not playing with her even when she brings you her gross toy
4. not sharing a piece of WHATEVER you are eating
5. not getting to lick the plate of WHATEVER you were just eating.

Feb 19, 2012

Valentine's Day 1 & 2

Valentine's Day Part I

Luckily, the Husband hates holiday rushes as much as I do. 
So, we usually go out for Valentine's Day the weekend before or after.

This time, we decided for a new place for breakfast...Jeremiah's in Ogden.
Let's just say. 
It was Delicious. 
Derek had Carmel French Toast.  While I ordered probably the worst thing I could have.
And, unfortunetly, loved every bite.  All of it in fact.

Sausage, Bacon, Hash Brown, Medium Fried Eggs and 2 Whole Wheat Pancakes. 
Hey, I had to throw in some kind of healthy.

To continue this romantic day. 
We headed over to Smith and Edwards. 

Which, basically, looks exactly like this sign above. 
It's basically a huge junk yard plus a whole warehouse of junk as well.
Which, is just up our alley.

And then, I found these.
We've got to build these puppies up. 

I know. They are amazing. 
I loved how they even matched my tights!

Such a perfect end to a Walker Valentine's get it done early day. 

Valentine's Day Part II 

Actually on 2/14/2012

I actually spent it with three men. 
I know, crazy. 
Meet, Tom Walker and Brother in Law Hunter and of course, the Husband. 
(Side Note*  Brother in law Hunter wondered if I got my shoes (from above) from my Gram's.  I told him that if gram's would have had a pair, I would probably have worn those, but since she didn't, I bought these instead)

We went to dinner and movie.  

Precious i know. 

Then I found this with a card under my pillow!
(with a card that I had made, but no matter, I except nothing less from the Husband.)
Go Groupon and Husband!

1-Night Stay for Two in Any Room

Love that Husband. 
This is what I made for him...since he drinks Hot Chocolate every night.

The. Hu
Or Husband.  
Whatever you would like to interpret! 


Harmony here.

Just wanted to show you my latest creation.

I got bored one Sunday. . . and apparently, this is called Bunting.  I found some felt, cut out some felt letters, got my trusty yarn and needle and went to work. 
A couple hours later I had this....just in time for Valentine's Day!

I really liked it. 

Feb 10, 2012

Say a little prayer for us!

I'm trying to bend the will of the universe towards us.

Not a big deal.

but your help would be appreciated!


Feb 6, 2012

Don't do it!

Next time you are tempted to buy a new car, like a new Toyota Celica for instance, you should watch this video instead:


Feb 4, 2012

Elk leather, sleeping and Cabelas

We woke up early today...because Search and Rescue Fire was having a fundraiser!
Cabelas sponsored by bringing in their Bargain Cave, used and new items for super cheap!
Found these slippers which are lined with stealing wool and exterior is elk leather.

We were there about an hour and a half.  15 items later and 50 bucks later...we were all pooped. 
Hooray for good deals!