Aug 8, 2010

Smith and Edwards

Cabella's main competition in. 
 Cabella's is all fancy. But Smith and Edwards, they use anything and everything for marketing.  This is an old tanker that has been welded in various ways to create this masterpiece. And I love that Derek is in a white shirt and tie.  He fits in perfectly. 

I lost Derek, my mom and aunt for a good 30 minutes.  
It was because I saw this and I had to get a picture.  
Here's some good Ole' Cowboys shooting the breeze on yes, stationary horse saddles.  And I mean they were chewin and everything.  
I <3 it. 

You don't get cell phone service throughout the whole building.  It's at least 1/2 acre wide metal building with a junk yard for the next 4 acres. 

They're quote
"We probably have it. If you CAN FIND IT."

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