Aug 20, 2010

Miller Time

Our yearly camping trip with the Miller's.
We had our own secret cove off the campsite, which was super nice, because it was Hot.

Melinda and I decided to go up early and set up camp.
We picked camp spot number 34, drove around to go pay for it and there was a truck parked there!
I literally watched the truck drive past us on our way and thought "Don't even think about it beardy."
And it was him! 
Melinda and I drove around, saw him, and kindly asked them if they were planning on staying in that spot (while I batted my eyes). 
He said he was undecided and in the end moved.

The problem with having husbands come later with the camper is that usually most of the stuff we need is in the trailer, like matches. No big deal, we had to food, just needed a light.
Melinda picked up a stick, wrapped it with paper towels on the top and set off to the next campsite over.
I suggested that it might be easier just to ask for a couple of matches instead of lighting her torch.

Our little boat family is getting so big!  We can now take 4 additional people with us!

Corbin and his first fish. 
You'd think Derek, being the Art Major he is, could have at least got a shot with out my butt as a main feature.

I feel kind of sad. Six years of fishing with no catches and now I catch fish all the time.
Where's the fun in that? Not that I like to brag, but I'm a pretty good fisher now.
The Secret? Get over your fear of worms.
It's that easy. 
For some reason, when I think about the worms clinging to my finger I want to vomit. It takes all that I have to put that worm on that little gold hook.

Corbin reeled in a Rainbow trout with a Spiderman fishing pole.

I'm not sure why he is squinting, as the sun is behind him, but he sure make s a good Popeye face.

This is a regular occurance. 
Kona, stop bugging Corbin.
Kona, Stop trying to eat Mykell's food.

I decided to try another fishing spot.  Since we had only Spiderman pole, Corbin soon wanted to fish.  
I was busy eating a string cheese and I hear 
"I felt a tug, I felt a tug!"
He really had a fish.  
A brown trout.  Man, this kid was good.

Derek and I had our 5th Anniversary.  
He hates me taking so many photos. But who will document our life together if not muah?

We had a sweet little spot to the river.  Which Corbin immediately got swept away in. 
Good thing he has a super mom. 

What child goes through life without a Plumber's Crack?

In the secret spot. 
There will always be licorice, Coke and Cards.

Many things are happening in this photo. 
Derek is drawing for his next turn, Caleb is giving some Twizzler, while Mykell is hiding behind the water bottle, and Harmony is getting so sleepy.

This is how hot it was, poor girl was just sweating while trying to take a nap.

We were all so tired after our 5 hour boat escapade.

Melinda: Caleb, why did you teach our son to play with fire?
Caleb: Melinda, I taught him the rules
Caleb to Corbin : Do we poke people with our fire sticks?
Corbin: No
Caleb to Corbin: Do we pull our stick out of the fire?
Corbin: No
Caleb to Melinda: See?

Playing with night mode and Glo Sticks

This is Dog written backwards.

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