Aug 3, 2010

Where does she berth?

Meet "For the Halibut"

Named somewhat after Hali and Uncle Hal.

Hal for giving us this mighty beast, and Hali,
because we used to tease her and call her Hali-butt. Get it?

It was funny.

But Derek and I patched a few holes on "For the Halibut" with some Fiberglass.
Note to self, do not sit on Fiberglass in swimsuit.

She needs some work, well "it" (since it's after Hali and Hal).
We will repaint it, restain it, and give it new seats.
Because Harmony busted through a seat on her maiden voyage.
Nonetheless, she is delightful.

*Side note: We did catch 6 fish the day on her first berthing.  So we consider her pretty lucky too. 

☮ <3 Harmony


  1. I like the name Hal-i-face because it highlights a better end of my body.


  2. ha. awesome. a noble vessel.