Aug 11, 2010

For the Halibut's first Adventure

1 Man Loading Canoe Kit = 3 Man Loading Canoe Kit. Really.
Went down to Cabella's and Ikea one weekend because we were bored and because Derek really wanted a Canoe Rack.  
He found a single man loading canoe kit at Cabella's and of course had to search through the clearance area and found another. 
So what do you do when you have two Canoe Rack Deals?  
You buy them both.
Which actually worked out great, because now the canoe will never have a chance of scratching the truck.

I'm guessing you probably should stick 4 good sized people in a boat. 
Especially when Kona is one of the four and moves ALOT.

One of my many hats.  
I always appreciate a good hat.

It's a good thing we have Kona, otherwise Hali would be the third wheel, fourth wheel is much better.

Beautiful Pond. 
Reminds me of Old Iron Town's Pond, except for it doesn't stink.

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