Aug 15, 2010

Observations from a Desk of the Outside World.

Men, it is not okay to walk through town without a shirt with your shirt unbuttoned. No Matter How Tan You Are.  If you do, you are now subject to me taking a photo of you and posting it on this blog. Oh, and please don't strut while half naked.

Just call be Beast Master.
  I had a bird run into my window at work.  I almost wet myself and I was on the phone. . . so. . . well I'm sure they thought I was crazy. 
 We have a family of squirrels outside my window.  Mama and her 8 little rodent babies.  I'll admit they are pretty dang cute.

Code Enforcers - not police men.
So there is a Code Enforcer that drives around in a vehicle that looks like a police car. Man they are sneaky. But so every once in a while he'll drive by and take off flyers that have been stapled to the pole on the corner. 

That's what my tax dollars are hard at work for?


One time there was this guy who was walking down the sidewalk in front of the office and he was strutting, but luckily he had his shirt on.  The next thing i know he is RIGHT in front of my window, standing very still, smiling very pedifilish. There's a walkway that goes past my window so I mean he was like 5 feet away. And just stared. Finally he went away, he's lucky I didn't call my little rodent friends to attack.

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