Jun 30, 2012

i feel the need to say. . .

i may need this teenage mutant ninja turtle bookbag. 
i'm just saying.  
some of you may not know this, but i really like the store hot topic.  i enjoy the "variety of crazy." this is where i usually purchase lingerie as bridal gifts and now my sisters have kept the tradition alive.  i've even (for some reason) taken my parents to this store. . . .which reminds me of a particularly funny occasion.

I was on the search for some black leather like leggings (again, I'm not sure why I brought my parents in) for my halloween costume, also to double for my rockstar outfit

 acid like screaming music playing in the background, the cashiers in their all black, tattooed (awesome), gauged ears, spikes and crazy outfits (AWESOME)

while i'm happy as can be, i'm a little concerned about my parents following me into this store.  my mom, a short japanese lady, who shops at Christopher banks (aka the teacher store) innocent as they come. 

my dad goes straight up to the cashier and starts commenting on the "music." the cashier, thinking my dad is complaining about the music, turns it down, to which my dad replies something along the lines of "no, don't worry about it, back in the 70s i listened to this stuff..it was great..." the cashier drops his jaw and i'm sure is blown away by this man who wears double starched shirts, khakis, sweater vests and is as clean as they come. (note. i forget that my dad is a huge music buff, has tons of records, and has a bigger music collection than all my siblings combined. he loves almost all music, except for celion dion.)

in the end, it wasn't bad, i got my pants and as a bonus the cashier was able to catch up on music theory.

Jun 29, 2012

24 weeks

my gondola church outfit. 

so, just a few things to point out.
if you look at the picture to the left, you'll see that i have a nonexistent butt.  (in case you were wondering.) i was really hoping that pregnancy would improve this lacking area, but alas.  it's not to be so.  if only we could push down from "my girls" to help even things out. . . such is life. 

Jun 28, 2012

weekend of new

being the lazy pregnant girl i am, i just didn't want to cook dinner on friday. 
so, i left it up to the fam where we would be going. which, may or may not have been a mistake, a delicious mistake. 

we went to the training table, the husband had never been and i can't believe it's still around. really, it wasn't bad, but it may be the reason the belly grew like 2 inches.  after the training table we went to a new snow cone shop, which sadly, wasn't as good as we'd hoped.  once you've been to hawaii and had their snow cones with ice cream or sweetened condensed milk there just isn't any real reason to go on with life.

diaper three wheeler

Diaper tricycle 

 made this for heather and ryan's baby shower!  i'd have to say that for some reason, i found this one much easier than the diaper cakes.  either that, or i just barely figured out how to finally "roll" the diapers.

Jun 26, 2012

top five in newness

1.  first time voter! 
(which i realize isn't necessarily a positive thing, seeing as i am 27 and never have voted or even been registered until this year.)

the husband always votes btw...such a good boy

 other newness for this year!

2. adopting a baby
3. having a baby
4. went to a caucus

what items of newness have you?

Jun 25, 2012

Jun 22, 2012


me: i'm going to the post office
lady at office: it's by maverik you know. 
(pause. i know that's where they buy the beloved diet coke, and i never have participated in such rendezvous, at this job. . . or any job before this)
me: yes...i could stop and get it. (sweat start beading down my forehead)
lady at office: okay, its 95 cents, i like my ice filled to this line, here's my maverick card and thank you.
me: okay, that's some serious instructions
walking. . . . 
me to other lady at office:  i'm going to maverik, do you want something?
shock from other lady at office then: are you actually getting something?
me: um no, just going to the post office.
once the shock dissipates, she says: ok, let me get my cup. 
(all of these ladies already have maverick cups they save, many cups in fact.)

i start to walk out, realize, i didn't ask other lady in the office what she drinks...which i should have known was diet coke.  so off i go, feeling as foreign as can be.  first the post office, where i have to ship this internationally for my etsy shop.  again, a new adventure for me to try on this glorious friday morning.  then i drive up to maverik and this is where i get kind of nervous. 

first, there is only a tight parking spot, because really, how, HOW are there sooo many people at maverik at 9:45 am? i pull out the cups, make sure i have the punch cards, realize i have already forgotten who's cup is who's (shhhh.) and proceed into the giant rugged interior of maverik. 

i stand there. i've only been to maverick for gas, red box and the restrooms. where is the stupid drinking fountain at? so i slowly begin to shuffle around, trying not to look like a i've-never-purchased-a-fountain-drink-at-maverick-before. 

finally, FINALLY, i find the 20 foot wall of gloried carbonated sugar free/sugared/highly caffeinated  beverages. once again, i stand there.  now where is the dang diet coke?  we lock eyes and i proceed to the ice dispenser.  with the ice amount properly accounted for, i do a double take, just to make sure that this is yes, indeed diet coke. i slowly fill it up, not wanting to spill, then begin to search for the lids.  (they sure have fancy lid dispensers)

so i make my way up to pay.  d. coke and maverick cards in hand, i stand once again, not sure which register to go too, both cashiers are extremely busy looking at pictures on a green phone.  don't they realize there's a newbie in town?  help a girl out for pete's sake.  finally, one turns to me, rings up the elixirs and tells me the total.  now to find the change. . . i start counting out, realizing it's been years since i last counted coinage.  she starts getting impatient, i try counting faster...i can't count fast enough and she erupts into a giant dragon blowing a raging fire of death!  (okay, not really, but sheesh.)  

you guys may not realize this, but once upon a time...like when i was twelve, i couldn't even order pizza over the phone.  my mother would force me to do it.  it took years to overcome this.  i'm not sure why this little shy version of harmony stopped by to say hello.   but now, when I find one of those checklists where you check off all the things you've done in your life, i will now be able to check off i've-have-purchased-a-fountain-drink-at-maverick-before.

ps don't judge. i don't drink pop very often and yes for some reason i call it pop. also, i really am that cheap, i'd like to save my 95 cents for a $5 pair of shoes.

Jun 21, 2012

the wrath of derek

i'm getting a little anxious.  i just want to be prepared...and early.  there is nothing wrong with that right?  i mean, we've got two babies on the way and we're trying to purchase a house (which is in need of some serious updates)... and i am a planner as much as i'm a sporadic decision maker.  plus, it has to be a good deal and i want to upcycle all that i see.  is that too much to ask for?!

so, throughout the day, i'll send the husband some of my good finds...and this is my conversation today.  

(i'll admit...i was a little irritated. . . was being key.)

The Husband: all that stuff is pretty cool
Harmony: are you actually going to let me buy any baby stuff?
The Husband:  yeah, in 2 months
Harmony: fine, i'm just not going to ask anymore.
The Husband:: where do you plan to put everything?
Harmony: as long as you don't know, you won't care
The Husband: when i find it i will be outraged!

really. how can i stay upset when he uses the word "outraged?"

for those of you who know anything about the husband...he doesn't get mad, angry, sad, upset, yell, be mean. he's just mellow. 

i mean, look at this "thug" picture.
you can tell he's trying not to smile. 


sometimes, can't help but love the guy.  

Jun 20, 2012

guess who just won a giveaway at beso.com?

you better believe it!! $250 worth!  Wooty woot.  so, since the kidlets are getting closer everyday, i find myself looking everyday for good baby mama deals.  i go to rockstardiaries blog almost daily.  there, she usually has lots of giveaways, which included a $500 beso.com getaway, which i didn't win. but because i signed up for that one, i also got signed up for the one on beso.com
i received an e-mail I wasn't quite sure about, but looked into my Paypal account and sure enough...there were the bucks!

so i put together a few of my baby mama wants and of course, i had to include shoes.

ps.  isn't that car seat the cutest thing you've ever seen...?  if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment, because you see, i'm trying to sway the husband into it's cuteness.  because...we will need two of them.

Jun 17, 2012

happy birthday

dear microwave:  we missed your birthday on may 4th.  
sorry about that. but you have been so trustworthy over these 30 years, pumping out so much radiation that i don't even want to think about it.  you're still looking great!

here's to you.

Jun 16, 2012

The Kona

the kons is doing well, in case you were wondering. 
getting large...just like her mama!

cheerry pickin

 tis cherry season here in utah.  a couple weeks ago we picked from the lovely trees at my office.  this year, of course it was all different, because you see, i've been banned from climbing the tree.  not only by my husband, but my boss also realized my intentions and told me not to climb.

for the love. 

so instead, here the husband is having a joyous time, climbing without me.  the kona and i stood in the back of the truck, picking what we could.  while the husband patiently listens while i boss him around as to wear the best cherries are hiding. 

cheers to cherries!

photos was taken around 22 weeks.
yes, you may have noticed the largeness getting larger. 

Jun 15, 2012

the last place in the world I thought we would go hiking.

when i was in ohio last month, dearest annie and i went hiking. 
seeing as i'm from utah, with mountains, i usually expect the midwest to be flat. 
because it is. 
nonetheless, we went hiking at hocking hills.

it was breathtaking to say the least.  i've done some really similar hikes in Zion's National Park, but everything is mostly desert, not this lively green mass of life you see below.  it was stunning. 

oh, by the way.
congrats to this little lady here. 
she just graduated from DENTAL SCHOOL and she just got engaged. 

we're super excited for you guys!  Congrats!
(that's big ben the horse, not her fiance.)

blogs about hiking here and here

Jun 13, 2012

practice makes perfect parenting

notice:  even though the kona is filthy, large and slightly overweight, the husband is still willing to let her sit on his lap. 

this is after my sisters got to her with cornstarch. 

see how he supports her head while sleeping. 
precious.  just precious i tell you.

Jun 11, 2012

Onis and Japan

look who just stepped up in the blogging/app world?
i know, i know, so behind.  . . 

anyway, here's some more of the motherland.

so the red devilish guys are calls "onis"  
our nephew tell us (who is in preschool) that you can throw popcorn to scare the onis away.  in the city of norbetsu it's mascot is the onis.

pretty garden areas

my one and only oni


so they have this crazy aquarium, which includes this awesome shark head.

no, the kona wasn't in japan, but the husband was playing with the new app as well. 
and they don't have san pellgrino (?)

but they do have some awesome origami museums in the airports. 

my origami skills include about 5 animals and 1 house.  these guys made whole themes out of fairy tells.  hope you are having some fun summer travels as well!

photos from iphone using instagram & picframe

Jun 7, 2012

the husbands favorite thing about Japan. . .

was probably the signage with bad direct translations.

in case you couldn't figure out the squatters
 (which don't worry, we both conquered.)

what does the husband want to do on his trip to japan?

take pictures of bad translations.

i am safety driver...hard to read i know.

apparnetly, Japan has amazing "recycle" shops.  they have everything in these thrift stores.  so of course, the husband wanted to purchase shirts with funny sayings on them.  it's almost like there is no style in Japan...anything goes.

Himilk= lots more milk chocolate.
it was very delicious.

every business in Japan has a mascot.
apparently, this is a cat, a giant creepy one.

i wanted to buy this sake just for the bottle. 
so happy!

if you convert over the yen to the dollar... you find that these melons are around $80 for both. 
we had some of the melon...it wasn't that good.

for the finale.  . .
because makeup arrives, please do not bring a face close.

Jun 6, 2012

Found this in my bed.

There is a reason we called Hali "the Devil Child."
She was always playing pranks and doing weird things. 


 I mean...it is kind of creepy you know.

we will miss her while she is in Russia.
I don't think they know what they are getting into!