Jun 11, 2012

Onis and Japan

look who just stepped up in the blogging/app world?
i know, i know, so behind.  . . 

anyway, here's some more of the motherland.

so the red devilish guys are calls "onis"  
our nephew tell us (who is in preschool) that you can throw popcorn to scare the onis away.  in the city of norbetsu it's mascot is the onis.

pretty garden areas

my one and only oni


so they have this crazy aquarium, which includes this awesome shark head.

no, the kona wasn't in japan, but the husband was playing with the new app as well. 
and they don't have san pellgrino (?)

but they do have some awesome origami museums in the airports. 

my origami skills include about 5 animals and 1 house.  these guys made whole themes out of fairy tells.  hope you are having some fun summer travels as well!

photos from iphone using instagram & picframe

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