Jun 21, 2012

the wrath of derek

i'm getting a little anxious.  i just want to be prepared...and early.  there is nothing wrong with that right?  i mean, we've got two babies on the way and we're trying to purchase a house (which is in need of some serious updates)... and i am a planner as much as i'm a sporadic decision maker.  plus, it has to be a good deal and i want to upcycle all that i see.  is that too much to ask for?!

so, throughout the day, i'll send the husband some of my good finds...and this is my conversation today.  

(i'll admit...i was a little irritated. . . was being key.)

The Husband: all that stuff is pretty cool
Harmony: are you actually going to let me buy any baby stuff?
The Husband:  yeah, in 2 months
Harmony: fine, i'm just not going to ask anymore.
The Husband:: where do you plan to put everything?
Harmony: as long as you don't know, you won't care
The Husband: when i find it i will be outraged!

really. how can i stay upset when he uses the word "outraged?"

for those of you who know anything about the husband...he doesn't get mad, angry, sad, upset, yell, be mean. he's just mellow. 

i mean, look at this "thug" picture.
you can tell he's trying not to smile. 


sometimes, can't help but love the guy.  

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