Jul 31, 2012

Tired pups.

"i don't know how he can sleep on the floor like that." - hannah

i don't either, but more often than not, if it's quiet, i can find the husband and the kona snuggled up on the floor, usually without pillows or blankets.  in this photo apparently i tired them out with too many options of paint colors for the new old house!  (keep your fingers crossed)  

i'd also like to point out that the kona always has to sleep with her rear towards your head.  not always a pleasant experience for sure.  

also, our anniversay is coming up!  we're going camping....anyone have some favorite spots?

Jul 27, 2012


i do really like that name...but the husband doesn't care for it much.  maybe after this story he will...who knows.

so I hear that sometimes in pregnancy you get clumsy.  i've noticed it here and there, but i am still wearing heels which i realize is asking for trouble.  

regardless of which, i managed to fall, whilst sitting upon my chair.

about a 18 months ago i decided that i wanted to try sitting upon an exercise ball at work.  it was great, i could feel my inner core getting stronger. 

to my dismay...it popped while a fellow employee was on it.  i didn't even get to witness it. 

i know that sounds mean, but really, who wouldn't want to see it?

being the compassionate person i am, i bought a frame from a thrift shop and put a portion on my ball in it for him to have for Christmas. 

he loved it.  in the end, he hung up the frame for all to see at work.

as a direct result i had to purchase a new ball, which apparently is much smaller than the last.  i can't quite reach my desk comfortably to work.  using my creativeness i put my woodblock (footstool for my feet to rest on, which is completely a different story.) under the ball, thus balancing myself and feeling like i work my core even more.  

a few months ago, my boss came in and saw this with a look of shock.  i couldn't understand what the big deal was, until . .. i took a picture
so now that you know the history. 

lets just say, that this is the second time in the last month i have fallen from my balancing act.  once without anyone in the room. the next time (today) was in front of a guy here at work.  the look of concern on his face was priceless.  it shocked me more to see that look instead of a face that was bursting to laugh out loud. 

after he realized i was okay, he let out a little laugh, but i guess to him, watching a 7 month pregnant girl roll on the floor wouldn't be super funny.  

but, i am still laughing in my office all by myself.
like this.

Baahahahahh buahaha. haha.  snicker snicker.  
(me smiling to myself at random)

Jul 22, 2012

28 week baby bump

there may be a few pictures...hope you don't mind
my cousin offered to take some prego photos...
i absolutely love them!


outfit: dress from target (first actual maternity clothing purchase)
cardigan from japanese thrift shop
hats: ross/tjmaxx throughout the years
fingernail polish: walmart's cool mint
jewelry: disneyland/in-laws/auntie mitsie
blanket: ummm yard sale $2.00!!!!

note: i am not a very photogenic person...i'll have to post some winners from my past years, so it was sssssssssooooooo fun to see these turn out the way i was hoping!

thanks kacey!  
it was super fun, even if i am awkward

Jul 18, 2012

Good Times

Kona caught the fish.
The husband caught the tadpole thing.
snake caught the frog
the husband paddled the wife around.  
Spent time with the Green's.

Jul 10, 2012

26 week baby bump

 this week's photo is brought to you by The Han.

yes, i went slip n sliding.
no, i didn't go on my belly.
yes, i had to do it. 
yes, the fetus was safe. 

want to see other years that i was not with fetus while slip n sliding?

Jul 9, 2012

because yes,


my dog really is THIS adorable. 

feel free to let your jealousy be known. 

Jul 6, 2012

Short fourth hike


hope you all had a great fourth!  
i made this headband...then realized i may just be a bit too festive, so the kona decided to be patriotic.

 we live by a rather pond that had been "illegal" for years.  in fact, they put up a chain link fence to block people from getting in, or tried too.  a group of people own the pond i guess, because there are buoys and people water ski on this thing.

i may have taken the husband here while we were dating so many years ago and it may or may not have resulted in my immediate departure to the emergency room for stitches.


well, they've recently opened it to the public.  you can swim, use the rope swings, hike, fish and enjoy it like we've always wanted.  we've been going frequently, mainly because the kona loves to swim and you can do some hiking around the pond.  i've also discovered that in my current condition, i am a bit more clumsy and unbalanced, which resulted in me mainly sitting on a log.  which is probably good, because i'm usually the one that would be in the pictures but up to my neck in muck.

Jul 3, 2012

flag, fourth, fetus, festive fun?


i love the fourth of july.  
as i've gotten older i feel this deep sense of patriotic pride for america.  i wanted to make sure that people knew this about me.
this year, being the year of the babies and baby bump i thought i could embellish a certain area.

so, i found these materials in my home for a quick project.
white shirt i didn't care much about
a sewing machine (i also contemplated just hot gluing, but he's dead at the moment)

and spools of material (from my gram's, she would make rugs out of them, or put my hair "in rags."  for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the oldschool way of curling your hair.  this leads to SERIOUS curling of the hair btw.)

i took my shirt and gave a general outline for my flag.
can i also just say how i hate measuring?  it's so time consuming...


laid out my fabric, pinned them down and made sure it was somewhat straight.

now, remember how i said i hate measuring?  well, sewing is not exactly my forte. somehow i had forgotten that small factoid when i began this little project.  nonetheless i bulldozed through it...going for the "rustic" sewing job.  how i wish, i was an amazing seamstress who had the patience and ocd-ness for it.

but i'll leave that to my fellow crafters...

because i really liked the results!

Pinned here.