Jul 15, 2010

Part-ay. 4th

Let is be known:
Kona will be supervising the following, fabulous, fun, featured day.

At the last minute, we decided to have some July Festivities Fun.

So we invited some friends to Gram's house

They all needed to experience the Joy's of Gram's.

Luckily, Luke loves Kona. Or all dogs in general. 

We played some minute to win it games. 

Ever tried it?  Stick a deck of cards on a bottle and try to blow them off, and leave one standing. 

Graham was the only one who could do it. 

Next was the Nylon fruit game.  
You had to know over so many cans of pop. 

Now, I TRULY look asian!

But really, let's face it, we did it so we could get some funny photos. 

Another funny game is a cookie game. 

Stick the cookie on your forehead. . . 

Then with using only your face muscles move it to your mouth. 

The Main Feature.

Slip 'N Slide Extraordinaire

Many Races were had, 
which I won if participating. 

See my festive bandana?  Kona and I both got one to show how patriotic we are. 
God Bless America

This is the famous pile-up.  Everseconds someones runs.  Who you hit? Nobody know3s. 

Winter Tubes must always be used. 

Funny faces will always be Fab - u - lous on the run.

Doesn't Hali look like a graceful?  Like she is getting ready for a Triple Loupe.

Like Mom, like son?

The other "Derek" for some reason he thought the Slip n' Slide was just for kids.  He came unprepared, but in the end, he had to succumb.

Angie and her Mardi Gras Beads.
She got them from the parade. Don't worry. 

Derek showing off his sweet moves. 

Sarah wasn't too keen on getting wet, as it was slightly colder for a summer Saturday.  But as I told the crowd.  "If you aren't pregnant, you should be out here!"

Hali and I. 
Little Adam had already told me I'm not a kid.  
 I just couldn't resist.
  Notice how the handles on the chair are now at a 150 degree angle. . . 

Hali and her sweet disposition. Such a charmer. 

Ha, you'd think I was a volleyball play -  er!
My sister's are ashamed of my Volleyball skills. 

This is what Graham was doing while we played Volleyball. 

Dodgeball has recently made it's way into the Gram Traditions. 

Ah, it was a fun filled day. 

Or maybe not. 

☮ <3 Harmony
(Get it? I'm all sorts of creative today)


  1. It looks like a blast! Way to go on sliding down that slide! We need to get together soon friend! Love ya

  2. Freakin' sweet.
    Thank goodness you make Derek do stuff once in awhile. :)