Jul 18, 2010

FloaTaTIon of River

And I quote The Mama,
"It's probably been 40 years since I last tubed a river."
End of quote. 

Please Click to view full Picture.

Above you will find a detailed map for floating the river. 
Below, find the people who actually floated the River.

The Mama, Toadie, Derek, Harmony and The Kona.

As you will notice, Kona has her own floatation device, she has no need for human tubes. 

I also have no need for human devices, a motor.  Look at those arms pumping. I do have a need for an awesome London Shirt. 

Notice they have sticks, these were necessary to increase floating speed, or push you out of shallow water where you might or might not have been High Centered. 

Getting out of the River. 

Don't worry, it's not the sun you are staring at.  
They are arms, and I don't think they've seen sun in Many Moons. 

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  1. That looks super fun! We used to tube down the canal in Logan...miss those days!