Jul 15, 2010

4th of July Again. Only with different people!

Ahhh. Magnificent.  Hannah has been reading up on her Camera's Capabilities. And with her new tripod, she will soon be unstoppable. 

Ummm the newly weds. . . in a very nice outfit. . . sigh, this is not a good way to start your marriage!

Oh course!  The Slip N Slide

Little Anderson here looks a tiny bit squooshed.
Yes squooshed.

Mike and Zack taking the plunge!

River Rafting. . bleh. . . who needs it when you have a tarp?

Wouldn't it be soo fun to have all these cousins and siblings your own age.
 They were everywhere!

The whole family is out. Look at little Paige's face. . .in the green.

Don't worry about it kids, it's not a dinosaur. That's just Corey.

Lightning McQueen and Pink car. I don't remember her name.
Those little twins. Getting soy big!

Haa. I thought this was a good one a Laney. 
Her face is so cute, then her hair so wild!

Derek has such a way with children.

I just think Paige is so stinking cute!  
Look at the concentration on Pin the Tail.

Dear Anne, I'll have you know that the Elephant was good use. 
Brought many kids great joy throughout all the lands. 

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