Jul 6, 2010

Nauvoo Overload. . . Seriously.

Agghhh just so you know, I've been wanting to post this for a couple weeks, but I swear Blogger does not want me to.  Blast Blogger.

Anyways. Here's to Happier Occasions.
So, why go to Nauvoo? 
I'll admit, I never would have planned a vacation out there on my own. 
It's a good thing my cousin got married there, because I probably never would have gone. 
What did I expect?  Not much. I knew there was a Temple and some great history, but other than that? Meh. 

But to my delight, it was wonderful!
So here is what Nauvoo holds.  
(It's a long one)

The Original Browning House.  
I know you all know who Browning is, especially if you have ever seen a cowboy or seen a gun. 
Here's to you Hunter.

The Brownings.  This my friends, is serious Neck Beard.

The State Bank

The Temple. 
Which is very beautiful. The inside is amazing.
I would reccomend doing a session if you are able.

Derek's Ancestors Duplex 
whose name eludes me at the moment.

Basically, A whole bunch of old Pioneer homes. A BUNCH. 
We're going to build a home like this one above someday.
But they have tours through each of them and you get 
cool little souvenirs in each one.

A Barn Bathroom.

Joseph Smith's Mansion
We had a tour by a man named Sergay, who had a very Russion Accent along with very expressive eyebrows. Sadly, I did not get a photo of him.

Houses with Germanic Writing. 

The Kimball's Home. 
Which all of these houses they have restored to as close as the originals as possible.

They have Model T's

Doesn't this photo look like something right out of the 20s? 
Model T Everywhere!  
I think it was a tourist group.

They have The Library. Which, is one of my favorite places to be.

Cool Stairs in the main Meeting Hall.

So this squirrel was lying flat on a post, then as I approached it, it laid belly down. 
Strange?  Yes.

Ooh, we got to go on Horse Ride, which is different than the Carriage Ride. 
It was fun. We toured through the city, which by the way, get your tickets early. 

Don't worry, I'm not a horse in this picture, I'm an ox.  
Did you know that oxes cannot hold themselves up so they have to shoe them with this contraption?
Ingenious. All random facts I learned from each tour.

There are also Twilight fans in Nauvoo. 
Or maybe someone who is wearing an awesome $3 shirt.

They have A Bus Stop.

An Outhouse

They have Ball and Chain Relationships that turn into weddings.
(I thought of it all by myself. Ha!)

Nauvoo has new cousins in laws named Lincoln with turtles that pee a ton!

Nauvoo has great sunsets. Portrait taken by Hannah.

Nauvoo has Asians and Half Asians.

Quite a few of them for the weekend at least.
I don't know if it is legal, but I had to slide down the banister.

For some reason, Hannah likes to take pictures of me taking pictures. 
Which, I think was also to make fun of my fabulous outfit.

This little Hotel, was really kind of weird.  
Good food, but the decorations were everything and anything.

Nauvoo had many great men.  
It's funny to me that Salt Lake City all started in Nauvoo and now I live so close.

The Temple was sooo pretty!  I love the stain glass stars. 
Which I got an ornament of. 

We were also able to go to Carthage Jail.  
I'm sure it could have been a really spiritual experience 
if there wasn't a very unhappy child literally screaming.  
Nonetheless . . .we didnt' let it ruin the experience. It was fun knowing that I walked many places the Prophet had.  We spent the whole time walking the streets and visiting so many homes, offices, printing presses, fields that the Pioneers built.  It was beautiful. 

It was a lovely place. 


  1. i thoroughly(sp?) enjoy your posts... you could post about sleeping ducks and i swear it would be awesome :) looks like a fun trip!!

  2. I love the Nauvoo temple! Gorgeous! Looks like you had fun! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I used to live across the street from the temple and LOVED it! I haven't been back since. Ryan and I have been talking about going back in a couple months because my uncle works at the blacksmith shop!!! Seeing your pictures wants me to go more!

  4. I'm so glad you came. We had so much fun. It wouldn't have been the same with out you.