Sep 23, 2011

Fukushima Family Reunion in Vegas as by Hannah

Went to Vegas this weekend for a family reunion. Yes, a FAMILY reunion. In Las Vegas. Sin City. Yes. Us. A bunch of Mormons. Thing is, my mom and her sisters are the only LDS ones on this side of the family. So, it would make sense that Vegas sounds fun for everyone else. Anyway, highlights include:
  • My cousins renting a top floor, corner suite at Mandalay Bay.
  • My sisters, brother-in-law and I crashing said suite. Which basically amounts to eating their peanuts, drinking their water, and using their showers. They also told us to do those things...soooo, it wasn't really crashing, but we had to do something Vegas-esque, right?
  • "Sober fun!"
  • Witnessing a scary guy kick and punch the crap out of a wimpy guy in the middle of an intersection. It went down like this: Wimpy Guy cuts off Scary Guy with his mini-van on The Strip. They yell at each other out their windows. Wimpy Guy throws a drink at Scary Guy's car. Big mistake. Scary Guy gets out of car and takes off his shirt. He is muscly. Poor Wimpy Guy. Wimpy Guy gets in Scary Suy's face. Bigger mistake. Scary Guy punches Wimpy Guy's face, throws him to the ground and proceeds to punch him in the head and kick him everywhere else. Light turns green. Scary Guy hops in car and speeds away...shirtless. Meanwhile, Wimpy Guy, bleeding, staggers back to van and tries to pretend it's no big deal. We gawk, drive on and talk about it for the next 10 minutes.
  • A stray drunk who followed out of a hotel elevator and invited himself into the suite. He proceeded to talk loudly, play with one of the babies, wandered around and check out the suite, all before anyone could realize he didn't belong (not Japanese).
  • 80 mph speed limit in central Utah.
  • The buffet. Buffets only ever seem like a good idea before you eat them. After, you simply want to die and lapse into a food coma.
  • Riding the New York, New York roller coaster and being totally unimpressed. 
  • M&M Factory. Stupid. It's a 4-floor building dedicated solely to a candy.
  • And finally, this photo:

Sep 21, 2011

Palmer Family Reunion

So the Husband's family pretty much settled Cedar City.  
Which means, they pretty much are related to everyone. Which was a bonus for me when I worked as a waitress in town. 
I'd just throw around the Walker name and the tips would just keep rolling in!

Anyways, Carol's family, The Palmers have some pretty big family reunions.  This year they rented the SUU Cabin up Cedar Canyon.   It was lots of fun! We tried out some Welsh traditions.
Which Palmer reunions are a little different from what I'm used too..mine usually involve gambling in some shape or form...more to come on that.

We went hiking.  
this is a Sego Lily, the state flower. 

We played Bocce Ball

We made our own rolls into shapes.

Some turned out better than others.

I realize what this looks like, but really it wasn't meant to be. 

So I thought a necklace would be best.

We released balloons into the atmosphere and said "Huzzah" multiple times.
The name and purpose eludes me at the moment but I liked it. 

So many cute little cousins to see.

We had a talent show. 
This is Caleb and his assistant Logan. 

 Minute to win it games. 

Welsh outfits.

And last but not least
Going on a Bear Hunt with the infamous Tom Walker.
Such fun traditions.

One of my favorite things on this trip was playing Sardines!
I hadn't played in years.  
The SUU Cabin has a loft room with 10 single beds, 4 bedrooms, a large cafeteria area, tons of closets, tables, outside decking, sheds, picnic areas, volleyball nets, covered patio areas, which equals tons of hiding places!
Imagine 20 people hiding and trying to squish all in the same area.  It was fantastic. 

Thanks to the Palmer Family planning it all! 

Sep 19, 2011

Bristlecone along with some Ice.

Apparently, these are Bristlecone Pine Trees. They really are loverly.  
Derek describes the cones as "Fluffy Squirrel Tails"
He was right. 

This was the picture he took...right after I dropped the camera on the asphalt. 
It's a good thing I had my glasses on so you couldn't see my "So very sorry eyes."

It was a beautiful day. 

This stump was pretty impressively big. 

This is the ice cave, mind you this picture was taken just last week. 
The smoke in this picture is my breath.  
Ice Cave actually had ice in it. 

We always try to go on a hike in Southern Utah when we go to visit. 
Bristlecone Hike - Check
Ice Cave - Check

Sep 17, 2011

Camping with siblings.

Logan Canyon

Awkward hali

My first experience getting to put the lighter fluid on myself. 
Kona was not excited. 

Of course we didn't bring a hatchet, so Hali improvised, with rocks.
We always seem to have a picture with Hali in this pose.

This is as sporadic as The Husband gets.

Our attempt at awkward family photos.  Jan wouldn't join us. 

Fat Kona.

Jan and Hannah apparently decided to be twins.

Camping with the Fam is always an adventure!

Sep 14, 2011

Bad Dreams

early this morning i could here derek kind of yelling in his sleep (as much as derek yells) 
he's usually completely still and quiet while sleeping.
so like a good wife i rolled over, snuggled him and asked if he was okay. 
his response:
 I had a bad dream, a grizzley bear was biting my pinky


Sep 8, 2011

The one and only Kona.

The first day we got The Kona.

She was only 5 weeks. So cute and sweet.

Couple months later.

Cesar Milan would be so disappointed to see this.

Nobody really cared for The Kona.  
Including me.  I didn't really like her. Until she got out of her puppy stage.  2 Years later.
She looked cute...

Kona only chewed one of my shoes and that was the last one. 
After that, it was all about the plunger handle.

Kona always got in messes in the neighbors.
This is around 2 years.

She's never been one for personal space.

And she's a pleasantly plump lap dog.

Always included. Around 3 years.

Kona is a democrat as well.

4 years.

Fatty Kona...I almost died when we saw this.