Sep 21, 2011

Palmer Family Reunion

So the Husband's family pretty much settled Cedar City.  
Which means, they pretty much are related to everyone. Which was a bonus for me when I worked as a waitress in town. 
I'd just throw around the Walker name and the tips would just keep rolling in!

Anyways, Carol's family, The Palmers have some pretty big family reunions.  This year they rented the SUU Cabin up Cedar Canyon.   It was lots of fun! We tried out some Welsh traditions.
Which Palmer reunions are a little different from what I'm used too..mine usually involve gambling in some shape or form...more to come on that.

We went hiking.  
this is a Sego Lily, the state flower. 

We played Bocce Ball

We made our own rolls into shapes.

Some turned out better than others.

I realize what this looks like, but really it wasn't meant to be. 

So I thought a necklace would be best.

We released balloons into the atmosphere and said "Huzzah" multiple times.
The name and purpose eludes me at the moment but I liked it. 

So many cute little cousins to see.

We had a talent show. 
This is Caleb and his assistant Logan. 

 Minute to win it games. 

Welsh outfits.

And last but not least
Going on a Bear Hunt with the infamous Tom Walker.
Such fun traditions.

One of my favorite things on this trip was playing Sardines!
I hadn't played in years.  
The SUU Cabin has a loft room with 10 single beds, 4 bedrooms, a large cafeteria area, tons of closets, tables, outside decking, sheds, picnic areas, volleyball nets, covered patio areas, which equals tons of hiding places!
Imagine 20 people hiding and trying to squish all in the same area.  It was fantastic. 

Thanks to the Palmer Family planning it all! 

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