Sep 19, 2011

Bristlecone along with some Ice.

Apparently, these are Bristlecone Pine Trees. They really are loverly.  
Derek describes the cones as "Fluffy Squirrel Tails"
He was right. 

This was the picture he took...right after I dropped the camera on the asphalt. 
It's a good thing I had my glasses on so you couldn't see my "So very sorry eyes."

It was a beautiful day. 

This stump was pretty impressively big. 

This is the ice cave, mind you this picture was taken just last week. 
The smoke in this picture is my breath.  
Ice Cave actually had ice in it. 

We always try to go on a hike in Southern Utah when we go to visit. 
Bristlecone Hike - Check
Ice Cave - Check

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