Mar 31, 2011

Here's to you weekend.

Nothing is better than a sunny weekend, squinting Kona and a husband with chops.

Mar 27, 2011

Party like a Rockstar!

Some of the photos you find here, will be surprising. 
I turned 26 this day. I wore very tight clothing.  Derek had eye liner and fake tattoos.
Surprising, because, well, there comes a time in your life when it's okay to hang out with your previous church leaders.  
Yes, it is.

Good buddies, Ryan and Heather. 
Who are also trying to adopt. 
It's great to have some friends to go along with the ride!


The Brit and the half asian.

The one and only Chelsie!

Jake Jacobsen and Holli with an I

Night filled with Just Dance


Russian Dancing?

Yes, that is a Rockstar in the background.

We allow all ages for parties.

Devin and his blind date.

Like I said, previous church leaders.

Yes, they are virgin Jell-o shots.

Yup.  Awesome.

Crazy Half Asian.

Friends from Alaska.

Sista Rockstars.

Here is my favorite picture of the night. 
My husband was not thrilled about the Rockstar concept, but luckily he found his Cedar Friends hanging out in the kitchen. 

and somehow, I happened to not get a picture with Derek's awesome leather jacket, eye liner and fake tattoos.  Sigh. 

Mar 21, 2011

We've got a button!

See the side link and copy to add it to your sidebar!
Thanks for all you're support already!

Props to The Han

Mar 18, 2011

It is time.

The Kona, Derek and I have decided to adopt.
(Yes, Kona has a big say in this.)
We don't know when.
We're hoping all of our friends and family will help that "when" get here faster. Ü 
All the stories we hear about adoption is that "a friend of a friend knew someone."  So please help spread the word!  We've been so lucky to spend this time with just us, but now we are ready to add a sibling for The Kona.  

We have a link to the right!


You guys, it's crazy. 
My <3 just aches whenever I look at the pictures. 
And they are just pictures!
My prayers are with them.

Mar 15, 2011

Couch Update

It was a rather handsome couch eh?

I have completely stripped and sanded it, but the snow has left me at a standing point.

And this is the fabric! A linen with a viscose (velvety) print.

Diderot Black Decorator Fabric

I couldn't decide between black and brown, so I went with both.

I'm just waiting for a warm day so I can do some serious work!

Mar 14, 2011

Hiking Lion's Mouth on Pinto Road.

Well, we hiked all around Lion's Mouth, only to never find it.
But don't worry, we loved it anyway.

Derek viewing his birthing land. How he loves Southern Utah.
"Birthing" is a term that Caleb (friend) introduced me with.
It's funny.

It's a good thing the Nelson's have kids, because otherwise, this hike would have not been quite as funny.

Stephanie, just before she realized she hadn't eaten breakfast or dinner, from the night before.
Gena, just before she realized her pregnant self didn't want to trump around a mountain with no end in sight.

Dead tree that I liked.

Grandma and Grandpa trudging up the mountain.

Another dead tree i liked.

Oh, look another one.

Caleb, exhausted from trudging up said steep mountain.

Logan : "This is quite a view!" Yes, that's what he said.

Hanging out with uncle D, on a rather large boulder. Where they through smaller boulders from the bigger bolder trying to smash another dead tree. 

Daylight Savings Day Drag

(photo by The Han)

Mar 11, 2011

Winter Fishing and Fabulous fun.

Hali had some worms, so we decided to go fishing on President's Day morning.  We've never been snow fishing, or ice fishing, so we thought this would be great fun.

Kona pretends that she is not excited to go, while Hali can't hide it. 

Kona seems to think that she can fit through here and Hali, well, I can't even decide what she is trying to accomplish here.

Layers are necessary.

Derek just asked me whose dog this is.  Apparently, Kona's disguise works well.

For some reason, if you run and are wearing snow clothes, Kona thinks that you are her personal marshmallow to squish and eat whilst running through the snow.

Needless to say, we did not catch any fish, it was freezing, and well, nothing super exciting happened.
Although, I pretended that i lost the keys and called my husband.
H: Husband, I lost my keys in the snow, could you come and get us.
D: Okay, did you look for them.
H: Yes, they are gone.
D: Where are you at.
H: BUahahah, I tricked you.  
D: Well, I wasn't surprised, you always call with some crazy story when I'm not there.

What is that suppose to mean?

We are just fine on our own. 

Girl power rocks!
Just because we are a little crazy. .

Mar 10, 2011

XBiking, I heart you, I hate you, I heart you, I hate you.....

I <3 slash Hate you.
It's true. 
 from your shifty handlebars, to your rock hard seat and the ever changing tension clicker.
We wake up early to go hang out with the girls.
Which is a funny word "hang out,"
 it's not like we (mainly I) can talk during this arduous session of fire burning legs and arms. 
Soon I'll be able to stand ride you with the tension at 10.

Mar 9, 2011

Birthday Blogs Late and recent.

Forgot to post about me gram's 90th birthday.  
I made her this awesome card. 
All by myself. (I'm patting myself on the back right now)

Went down to Cedar this last weekend.  
I could see little heads hiding everywhere and Surprise! 
Happy Boy.

 (in a reverent, happy, eerily calm voice) 
"Harm, this cake is just so good."

Good job Carol, he still loves it. 

Mar 7, 2011

Daddy Doggie Day

Derek set the dreaded vet appointment for The Kona in the middle of the day and because we live a whole 5 miles from work, he felt the need to take The Kona into work so he wouldn’t have to come home.

Yeah, he was pretty excited.
I’ll admit, I was jealous.

I once read an article about how if we were allowed to take our dogs to work, how much more we would like work.

I agree.