Mar 1, 2011

Wreck this Journal

You may recall my friend Annie Johnson.
Annie and I lived next door to each other in Alamogordo, New Mexico, many moons ago.
We met in first grade and then I moved away in 4th grade but it's crazy how sometimes you just connect to certain people.   Her family was also in the Air Force, but she moved around like crazy, and my dad retired so we moved back to Utah.  I even remember driving away in the gray suburban waving good bye.  Sniff.  
They had four kids, we had four kids, all about the same age.  Anyways, we have been been writing letters (actual letters you see), flying to visit and talking on the phone through the latter years.  Whenever we get together, we don't miss a beat!  
Many funny memories, I even let her Nair my eyebrows once in like 7th grade...yes, it went badly, but we laughed the whole time...I think.  I will have to find that photo, sadly there is proof.
  The Han showed me WRECK THIS JOURNAL couple years ago.  This year I decided to buy Annie a copy so we could blog/write about our funny experiences...because there are some super awkward things in this book.

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