Sep 28, 2010

Somewhere in Wisconsin

This old lady had a bunch of creepy statues all over her lawn.  It's been deemed a historic site.  She was the local witch.

Couple miles away there is another cement statue place. 
??? i know. weird.

Free tours, through acres of land and cement statues... Derek was too scared to go in.

Are we by the beach? Well, the Great Lakes are GREAT. 
We are in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 
Derek lived in this little town.

You'll see lots of lighthouses through the next couple posts.

Peace, Love, Harmony!

Giant Cow in a homemade space suit. Amazing.
When would we ever be able to milk it?

Sep 26, 2010

Milwaukee, Day 2

Derek in front of the City Branch Building.

Derek loves their sign above the door. Notice the "of" is centered...oddly, I think.

Such a happy boy.

Spaghetti bowl

Yes we did.
The tour was not really great, but they gave you free jellybeans, plus a sampling table.

Oh yes, and hats.

What would it be without cheese?

Natural History Museum.

It was kind of like a little theme land every where you looked.
naturally I was drawn to the Asian side.

It was kind of dark everywhere there!

The escalator led you down a dark, damp, no light basement...

Butterfly room! 

I love this umbrella, not going to lie, highlight of the museum for me.

Sep 25, 2010

Wisconsin Day 1

This was the first greeting in the Airport.
Let it be known, we used the iPhone app from 
It was awesome. 
Much of our random pictures are from slightly deranged people we found on the website. 

Milwaukee is full of churches, cathedrals, and a lot of Historic Buildings.

Safe House.
Doesn't look like much right? 
It's a James Bond Themed Restaurant.  This is the secret door in.
 It's just in a random alleyway and you have to have the password to get it, or suffer random embarrassment to get in. (which the customers already in get to watch on multiple tv's throughout.)

Technically, you aren't suppose to take photos, but that was after I read the signs when we were done.

Remember the old bank tubes you deposit money in? Well they have that throughout the place to have
Shaken, not Stirred drinks.

The Fonz

Yes, he was on our road trip checkpoints

Giant Ring. 

Barely can tell, but there are random lady bugs adhered to the outside of the building. 

Sep 24, 2010

Gonna miss these boys.

Boy Scouts.

I believe I should have been born a boy so I could participate in this, instead of craft time.
I do <3 craft time now. 

<3 Them

Sep 18, 2010

Badgered Much?

Updates soon. 
Lots of flying and driving to come!

Sep 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Such a fun summer, seems like fall is coming too fast!

Sep 14, 2010


Saw him in the campsite.  Didn't even have to go very far.

Went Camping with the neighbors. 
They <3 the Kona.
Found out you pay more for double campsites, 
after setting up the tent.
We fished, caught crawdads, ate lots of beef and a little less gluten, canoed and had a grand ole' time.
Woke up and everything was frosty.

Sep 12, 2010

Shhh... it's all about the Boy!

It's suppose to be like this.
So, I have been saving my monies for a cruise, little does Derek know that cruise monies has turned into a surprise trip to Wisconsin.
 (yes, he is sitting on the computer across the room, will he notice? I think not.)

Some of you know he spent a little time there.  I'm going to tell him the Friday before, or wait for him to read this.  

I thought about just waking him up that morning we fly out, but I think he should be able to sleep on it. Plus it's a big state and I'm not sure where we need to go.
Oh yes, I asked his boss.

Sep 8, 2010


Tonight, I got rocked in soccer. 

It was a lot like this.

Except, it was the keeper who took me out and sent me flipping.

Oh, and it happened three times.  
Ya, that's what I'm saying.

Sep 6, 2010

Going to the Theater

Started out with a delicious salad;

Topped off with Carrot Cake Bites.

<3 !

Ahh, look at all posh he looks...

It's a very charming old building.

Not going to lie, I know every line of the play, even when they added completely unnecessary lengthening parts.