Sep 26, 2010

Milwaukee, Day 2

Derek in front of the City Branch Building.

Derek loves their sign above the door. Notice the "of" is centered...oddly, I think.

Such a happy boy.

Spaghetti bowl

Yes we did.
The tour was not really great, but they gave you free jellybeans, plus a sampling table.

Oh yes, and hats.

What would it be without cheese?

Natural History Museum.

It was kind of like a little theme land every where you looked.
naturally I was drawn to the Asian side.

It was kind of dark everywhere there!

The escalator led you down a dark, damp, no light basement...

Butterfly room! 

I love this umbrella, not going to lie, highlight of the museum for me.

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  1. awesome trip, fun travelers. eating spam egg and ceese sandwhich right now.