Sep 25, 2010

Wisconsin Day 1

This was the first greeting in the Airport.
Let it be known, we used the iPhone app from 
It was awesome. 
Much of our random pictures are from slightly deranged people we found on the website. 

Milwaukee is full of churches, cathedrals, and a lot of Historic Buildings.

Safe House.
Doesn't look like much right? 
It's a James Bond Themed Restaurant.  This is the secret door in.
 It's just in a random alleyway and you have to have the password to get it, or suffer random embarrassment to get in. (which the customers already in get to watch on multiple tv's throughout.)

Technically, you aren't suppose to take photos, but that was after I read the signs when we were done.

Remember the old bank tubes you deposit money in? Well they have that throughout the place to have
Shaken, not Stirred drinks.

The Fonz

Yes, he was on our road trip checkpoints

Giant Ring. 

Barely can tell, but there are random lady bugs adhered to the outside of the building. 

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