Sep 12, 2010

Shhh... it's all about the Boy!

It's suppose to be like this.
So, I have been saving my monies for a cruise, little does Derek know that cruise monies has turned into a surprise trip to Wisconsin.
 (yes, he is sitting on the computer across the room, will he notice? I think not.)

Some of you know he spent a little time there.  I'm going to tell him the Friday before, or wait for him to read this.  

I thought about just waking him up that morning we fly out, but I think he should be able to sleep on it. Plus it's a big state and I'm not sure where we need to go.
Oh yes, I asked his boss.

1 comment:

  1. YEAH! Bring me back a cheese head!:) Oh, and be sure to buy Derek some more Wisconsin gear so he can graduate to a new black tee!