Feb 1, 2015

Sunday Afternoons, Summer style

Need I say more?

Gahhhhh!  crazy!  I had two babies at the same time.  No wonder people look at me like I'm crazy.

Traditional riding down the hill at gram's.

Portland Coast // Day 5 // Redwood National Forest // Northern California

I would totally visit the Redwood Forest again.  It was breathtaking.  Literally, we'd just sit there in awe.  There wasn't a sound in the forest, except the cars going by.  We never saw any wild life, it was just as still as could be. 

Supposedly, this is where all the elk and moose gather.  None was seen by us.  You can't even tell how HUGE the redwoods are in this photo either.

We didn't get out to do much hiking that day, mainly because we had two very tuckered out babies. 

So we took turns making pit stops and just sitting outside the car.  Luckily, it was fairly cool and we could leave the windows down. 


Meet, Big Tree. 

I can't even remember the road, but we took this little side road into a very unpopulated area. 

The lighting is just surreal.  It would get super dark, just because of the tree cover. 

While I was feeding brother, the husband was trying to get an epic picture of Aiko.  But she kept obsessing about putting rocks in her new found pocket. 

Honestly, it was kind of nice to have to stop every couple hours to feed this chunky man.  It made us go slow and enjoy things a little bit more.  Usually, especially Derek, is always ready to go, go!