Apr 30, 2014


You may recall that Aiko wore this same outfit as a newborn...so naturally, we (meaning I) was super excited for little brother to wear it too.  

Luckily, Auntie Hannah found Aiko a bigger size.  So happy that they fit in them together. 

Apr 28, 2014

Placentas within Holes

there was a hole
in the middle of the ground
the prettiest hole 
that you ever did see
and the green grass grows all around all around
and the green grass grows all around

and by this hole
there was a husband
the handsomest husband
that you ever did see
and the husband dug the hole
and the hole in the ground
and the green grass grows all around all around
and the green grass grows all around

and in this hole
 there was a PLACENTA
the grossest thing
that you ever did see
and the placenta in this hole
and the husband made the hole
and the hole in the ground
and the green grass grows all around all around
and the green grass grows all around

I hope you have enjoyed this version of Placentas within Holes with lyrics by Harmony.  You may find this fact interesting that the tree was planned to be purchased before said placenta made it's appearance in our fridge.  It just happened to be a happy coincidence they were planted together.  In case you are queasy, I took this picture of our lovely bush to ease you, because I could have put a picture of the placenta instead.

You are welcome.

**I was just asked "why?" Well, placentas are extremely nutritious, I mean, they grow babies.  So recycle don't waste right?  Apparently, some cultures have always done this, plus the symbolism of new birth etc.  I did it mainly for the fact so I could  blog about it and one day drive by with Orion and say, "Behold, that tree grew from the same placenta you did."

Veggie tales

Because my sisters are super weird, we now have this:

I often wonder when Aiko will realize that most of the food she eats are her favorite Veggie Tales characters.  

Apr 26, 2014

Meeting Grandma and Papa

Photos by Grandpa Hesley

Some photos from Easter

Oh Easter.  It was such a lovely weekend.  The husband's mom and my sister were the only ones in town, so we had a small egg hunt just for Aiko at the park.  She loved it.  (She also loved watching the soccer games, squealing in delight.  Very proud mama moment.)

Baby girl totally got the concept this year.  So fun watching her gather the eggs with her dad.  

On Easter Sunday, my little sister was speaking in church, so we decided to brave the germs with little brother and scare the singles ward by showing up with two kids.  It was kind of hilarious.  

After church we went to our cousins for lunch and the annual egg roll. 

We spent the afternoon in sun, just hanging out with the cousins and eating delicious foods.  Aiko isn't a fan of the grass though, luckily, she has her dad.

Apr 25, 2014

Orion Thayne Walker

The husband was baffled that I hadn't blogged about little Orion.
I am too.

He was born Tuesday, April 15 at 12:45.

We had him at Arrivals Birthing Center via water birth.
 Honestly, it was an amazing experience, one day I'll blog about it.  

We had these photos taken by the lovely Auburn Soul.

Apr 15, 2014

Apr 14, 2014

Apr 11, 2014

How to make ANY bra into a Nursing Bra

I could have sworn I had blogged about this with Aiko, but I can't seem to find it.  I've blogged about Bra problems before, so forgive me that, yet, once again, I do.  (Actually, just found it here. )  Why even blog about this?  Well, there are bras and then there are bras.  Then, there are nursing bras (or pieces of fabric that don't do anything and make you look frumpy) and then there are extremely expensive nursing bras.  So, why not use the bras you love and turn them into nursing bras.   Fulfilling all your nursing dreams....

Anyways, these bras are my favorite brand.  I've only been able to find them at Dillard's, which I annually purchase on the New Year's Day Sale.  Instead of $40 per bra (which is $20 per boob, in case you were wondering) I spend anywhere from $12-$19.  Yes, I have some funny colored, printed ones, but read those three points above and you will see why.  As a short Asian girl who is always in need of serious boobage support, I am extremely particular about my bras.  Yes, there are those bras that are pretty and super cute, but the above are meant to do something more substantial.  

Hold up boobs.

Yes, serious, substantial work is done with these bras.  Though the band may have 12 hooks and almost as wide as my back, you won't see any side boobage coming out. 

But let's get back to the real purpose of showing you these.  As I am four days past my due date with my little boy, I have yet to really utilize these nursing bras.  Sure, the day is coming anytime soon, so it's a good thing we finished these last week.  

What you will need to make any bra into a nursing bra.

2 Swim Suit Bra Hooks per bra (Metal ones of course)
Pliers/Metal Snips
1 Mama to actually do the work.
10 minutes or less per bra

I got these hooks at Hancock Fabric, but (Amazon has them as well)and purchased with a coupon. 

Most bras have these little metal/plastic connectors (?)  At least, all of mine always have, but again, remember, big boob problems here. I'm sure this will work with most bras.  Technically, you don't have to cut the actual bra strap like we did below, but it doesn't really matter. 

Use your pliers/snips and cut off that connector on both sides.

I had a few bras I purchased at Dillard's this year.  I bought three different sizes...which I'm not going to tell you what size, but you never know when you breastfeed how big things may get.  

The sewing doesn't have to be pretty or even match in color. (at least I never worry about it.)  My mama chose a zigzag and she was cursing my sewing machine.  It isn't just me that can't get it to work properly!  Take the strap that comes off your shoulder and slip it through the non hook section.  Fold it over and run through the sewing machine.  I like my hooks to face out towards my arms for nursing.  I have one bra that goes the opposite way and it came unhooked a few times. 

There you have it!  A simple way to change any bra into a nursing bra. Because, again, there are bras and the there are real bras. (Sorry, I'm not going to model them for you. )

Apr 7, 2014

While his due date rolls by, at least we got his quilt done.

Guess who stopped by today with a little something?!
My amazing seamstress/crafter friend Holli.  I had traded her some Footzoning for her to bind baby boy's quilt.  If you'll recall, she made one of my favorite quilts ever for Aiko.  here

This picture is probably the best true to color photo.  I wanted as deep a blue as I could get, so you'll probably notice some of the pictures look black...one day I'll learn about photography.  I bought the fabric from a shop on Etsy here.  I even washed it and it stayed pretty much the same. 

This is pretty much the whole quilt!  I made it the size of a crib.

Here is after hand stitching all the constellations and then tying french knots to bind the two sides together.  Which, it only took my until now to learn how to do french knots.  I always just a tied a knot. 

Sadly, it does gather lint like crazy...but it looks ever so amazing after being cleaned up!


Before handing it over to Holli I did attempt to lint roll it.  But of course, the lint roller ran out.  Holli is a very detailed person, luckily, it came back all lint free from her house. 

See this binding?  I love it.  
I once made a quilt...the binding, well let's just say it's half done and works enough for me.  


Thanks to my mom, Auntie Mitsie and Holli for helping me finish it! Because really, it always takes many people to finish a quilt. 

Because I say, it was well worth it.  I love staring at it.

Previous blog about the quilting process here.

Apr 5, 2014

Waiting for those big changes.

Sometimes, I really do forget that I'm pregnant, and then I stand up, or try to roll over in bed, or put on socks.  Sometimes, I just stand there, staring at the mirror wondering what it was like not having a giant basketball attached to my gut.  Sometimes, I wonder if this baby will ever come.  Even though technically, he isn't due until Monday, but I've always taken that as a guideline anyway.  Maybe it's because with Aiko we've been waiting for her to go toddling around for 17 months, so I just assume this baby will just be inside forever.  I'm so very curious to see what he's going to look like. We have a name picked out for him, hopefully it's the right one.  If he comes out with red hair though....we may have to adjust it. 

I feel I've finished all my projects...well, not really, but I'm all project-ed out.  I've read so many books, crocheted so much yarn, cleaned over and over, taken so many naps that I'm just kind of bored.  Not bored enough to actually venture into the outside world mind you.  This week, I only left the house on my own to go to the Midwife, otherwise,  I usually wait for the husband to come home.  Waiting, waiting. 

 This is kind of an awkward photo...I was trying to hurry and take a photo before Aiko pushed the front door open. 5 days before the due date. 

Oh, I've taken to pacing around my house.  We have one of those houses that connect in a circle around the stairs, so it's how I exercise. I put a belt on the kona's neck and we walk laps around our home. She loves it.  Actually, I think she feels super dejected and all around like an idiot.  We share this sentiment. 

I've even been cooking and baking a lot more.  I made this delicious soup the other day.  Pinned here.

I mean, it really was good, the husband even went back for seconds.  I even went as far as baking some oatmeal cookies for the husband.  We each ate one and then went to the library.  When we came back, all 15 cookies were gone.  The kona and I have not been on good terms lately.  Earlier this week she ate a giant (it really was huge) butternut squash I had cooked and left cooling.  All of it.  Have you ever tried chopping one of those monsters in half while pregnant?  Level:  Extreme Difficultly

Sometimes, we walk through random stores, mainly grocery stores.  I do love food lately.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to blog about this baby in real life!