Apr 26, 2014

Some photos from Easter

Oh Easter.  It was such a lovely weekend.  The husband's mom and my sister were the only ones in town, so we had a small egg hunt just for Aiko at the park.  She loved it.  (She also loved watching the soccer games, squealing in delight.  Very proud mama moment.)

Baby girl totally got the concept this year.  So fun watching her gather the eggs with her dad.  

On Easter Sunday, my little sister was speaking in church, so we decided to brave the germs with little brother and scare the singles ward by showing up with two kids.  It was kind of hilarious.  

After church we went to our cousins for lunch and the annual egg roll. 

We spent the afternoon in sun, just hanging out with the cousins and eating delicious foods.  Aiko isn't a fan of the grass though, luckily, she has her dad.

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