Apr 5, 2014

Waiting for those big changes.

Sometimes, I really do forget that I'm pregnant, and then I stand up, or try to roll over in bed, or put on socks.  Sometimes, I just stand there, staring at the mirror wondering what it was like not having a giant basketball attached to my gut.  Sometimes, I wonder if this baby will ever come.  Even though technically, he isn't due until Monday, but I've always taken that as a guideline anyway.  Maybe it's because with Aiko we've been waiting for her to go toddling around for 17 months, so I just assume this baby will just be inside forever.  I'm so very curious to see what he's going to look like. We have a name picked out for him, hopefully it's the right one.  If he comes out with red hair though....we may have to adjust it. 

I feel I've finished all my projects...well, not really, but I'm all project-ed out.  I've read so many books, crocheted so much yarn, cleaned over and over, taken so many naps that I'm just kind of bored.  Not bored enough to actually venture into the outside world mind you.  This week, I only left the house on my own to go to the Midwife, otherwise,  I usually wait for the husband to come home.  Waiting, waiting. 

 This is kind of an awkward photo...I was trying to hurry and take a photo before Aiko pushed the front door open. 5 days before the due date. 

Oh, I've taken to pacing around my house.  We have one of those houses that connect in a circle around the stairs, so it's how I exercise. I put a belt on the kona's neck and we walk laps around our home. She loves it.  Actually, I think she feels super dejected and all around like an idiot.  We share this sentiment. 

I've even been cooking and baking a lot more.  I made this delicious soup the other day.  Pinned here.

I mean, it really was good, the husband even went back for seconds.  I even went as far as baking some oatmeal cookies for the husband.  We each ate one and then went to the library.  When we came back, all 15 cookies were gone.  The kona and I have not been on good terms lately.  Earlier this week she ate a giant (it really was huge) butternut squash I had cooked and left cooling.  All of it.  Have you ever tried chopping one of those monsters in half while pregnant?  Level:  Extreme Difficultly

Sometimes, we walk through random stores, mainly grocery stores.  I do love food lately.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to blog about this baby in real life!

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