Jan 27, 2009

Forward....Why Not?

A way to donate just a little and make a big differenceThis is not from anyone official in the church, but I think it is a great idea. If you can participate that would be great, but if not, that's okay too!! I just think it would be a neat way to start off the new year. If only 1/3 of all church members paid an extra 5 dollars this month (just once) along with their tithing and fast offering, by putting 1 dollar into each of the 5 "extra" areas of the tithing slip this week, then the church would get about 4 million dollars into the general missionary fund, 4 million for the Book of Mormon fund, 4 million for the Humanitarian fun, 4 million for temple construction and 4 million for the perpetual education fund to start off the new year!This lady wanted to know how she could get this to all the members of the church. I am not quite sure if that will happen but I wanted to help. So if you like the idea too, consider passing it along!! Thanks, Pauline Wilde

Jan 26, 2009

Nap Time

Kona vs M & M

God Bless us, every one.

Kona had a cut on her paw, and she was bleeding everywhere! So I found an old sock to cover it up. (Yes, it is that Blasted Spongebob)

Kona snuggling Derek.

Derek's Wii guy just lost

So on Sunday, we were watching a movie, and all fell asleep, just image me on the couch next to Kona. Must have been a good movie

Jan 18, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

On Saturday we went to the open house of the Draper Temple. It was beautiful. Everything was very minimalistic in design, and quite modern looking inside. All of the doors were made of African cherry, and they used a lot of limestone imported from France. The theme throughout the interior was the "sego lilly."
It was quite an adventure too. Because there is limited parking at the temple, and it is so cold outside, you have to park at a nearby chapel and ride a bus to the temple.
At the chapel, they show a short film about temples, then you hop on a commercial bus which drives you to the temple. You then walk through a heated, tent-covered walkway to the doors of the temple. Once inside, you just follow the protective floor coverings through the building. When you are done, you even get refresments!

Jan 13, 2009

My how the world changes

So, I realize it's very late or early, but I had a bad headache, took some medicine, and now I am WIDE awake.  And so, I've decided to write down some things I have been thinking about.  I've been reading books that are based in about the 1700's, and I am just baffled.  
     The Four Seasons by Laurel Corona, is SO bizarre, I just can't stand it.  It is fictional, but based on traditions of the Pieta in Venice.  Orphan girls are raised to either get married to rich men (and are expected to share their husbands and be OKAY with it) or become nuns.  And the orphan girls are usually children of the husbands and their lovers dumped at the Pieta.  I just can't image having to wear poofy dresses with corsets and jewels and having to care about a status. 
     Also, I've been reading a Trilogy from Libba Bray called a Great and Terrible Beauty, fictional as wellit's about English girls who are sent to a school, have magical abilities (obviously the fictional part) but the school is to raise them to become agreeable wives.  Tea times, story reading, courting OLD men, chaperones, weird traditions that I wonder how I would have fared through it.  
    I realize this is a weird posting, but those are my thoughts of the early morning that have been bothering me for days...I recommend the books though.  They are different that what I've been reading, "Bonnet Books" as Glenn Beck would say. But yeah...........

Jan 2, 2009

Christmas Catch-Up

So, over Christmas break, Carol distributed all the siblings childhood pictures from Grandma Palmer's. It was fun to look at all the siblings and hear stories about their childhoods. And look at my husband! He was adorable (and still is)!

It was fun hanging out with everyone over Christmas, we got to see Thayne and Brit's boy Corbin, and he is such a sweetheart, he loved Daisy and just laughed at her constantly. We played lots of Settlers of Catan, cards, went shopping. It was nice to relax for a while.

Derek got an Ipod Touch for his present, and later told me that I sold my husband for an iPod. He's wanted an Iphone for forever...but didn't want to pay for a plan. Then a couple of months ago he was telling me that you can use Skype (internet free phone) on the Itouch (as long as you have Wi-Fi) It was perfect! We got the fam to pitch in for his present, and now that's all he does....really.

I even screwed up, I was sneaky and bought the Itouch with my mom's credit card and then I was charging the Itouch the day before christmas and I registered it online, and for some reason put his e-mail and name with everything so the next day Derek got an e-mail telling him congratualtions on registering his New iTouch....Oooops. Luckily, it was very close to Christmas so I didn't completely ruin the suprise.

New Year's we had a party with some friends. The Millers, Holmans, Dan Perez, Jessica, Alicia & Emily, my siblings and their friends. Derek & Hannah set up Rock Band and played it for HOURS! We played Bang (a mafia sort of game, VERY FUN) and Settler's of course. It's been fun!

Jan and Jackie got engaged a couple of days ago! We're very excited for them! Jan leaves in a couple of days, but hopes to be back in the states soon.

Hope you all had a jolly day!