Jan 13, 2009

My how the world changes

So, I realize it's very late or early, but I had a bad headache, took some medicine, and now I am WIDE awake.  And so, I've decided to write down some things I have been thinking about.  I've been reading books that are based in about the 1700's, and I am just baffled.  
     The Four Seasons by Laurel Corona, is SO bizarre, I just can't stand it.  It is fictional, but based on traditions of the Pieta in Venice.  Orphan girls are raised to either get married to rich men (and are expected to share their husbands and be OKAY with it) or become nuns.  And the orphan girls are usually children of the husbands and their lovers dumped at the Pieta.  I just can't image having to wear poofy dresses with corsets and jewels and having to care about a status. 
     Also, I've been reading a Trilogy from Libba Bray called a Great and Terrible Beauty, fictional as wellit's about English girls who are sent to a school, have magical abilities (obviously the fictional part) but the school is to raise them to become agreeable wives.  Tea times, story reading, courting OLD men, chaperones, weird traditions that I wonder how I would have fared through it.  
    I realize this is a weird posting, but those are my thoughts of the early morning that have been bothering me for days...I recommend the books though.  They are different that what I've been reading, "Bonnet Books" as Glenn Beck would say. But yeah...........

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  1. Hey Harmony... This is Casey Esplin, I found your blog on here and I was so excited!! How are you doing? We should get together again sometime... Anyway have a great day!!