Jan 27, 2009

Forward....Why Not?

A way to donate just a little and make a big differenceThis is not from anyone official in the church, but I think it is a great idea. If you can participate that would be great, but if not, that's okay too!! I just think it would be a neat way to start off the new year. If only 1/3 of all church members paid an extra 5 dollars this month (just once) along with their tithing and fast offering, by putting 1 dollar into each of the 5 "extra" areas of the tithing slip this week, then the church would get about 4 million dollars into the general missionary fund, 4 million for the Book of Mormon fund, 4 million for the Humanitarian fun, 4 million for temple construction and 4 million for the perpetual education fund to start off the new year!This lady wanted to know how she could get this to all the members of the church. I am not quite sure if that will happen but I wanted to help. So if you like the idea too, consider passing it along!! Thanks, Pauline Wilde

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  1. Checked out Hannah's blog. Hilarious. Remind me to tell you a bit a young fellow named Lou Hero who hit on me in a 'similar' fashion.
    And yes, I will never stop flashing my soccer war wounds. I'm annoyed by myself but I can't stop!