May 5, 2015


The Husband's dad has this saying when he's not feeling good "I feel like I've been french kissed by a diesel." 

I mean, if you stop and think about it, it's totally the right words. Today, I felt this quote. Aiko's been puking every 2-3 days for the last three weeks and it's always at night. Always. I was pretty excited that we'd slept through the third night without any puking. We ate a big breakfast and headed off to play. 

We were just sitting there cross legged playing legos when Aiko just started coughing. 

Coughing leads to puking.

Puking leads to moms putting their hands in a cupping motion at catching puke. This mom had caught quite a bit in her hands already. Having little hands, she was getting worried. It was still coming. So this mom deftly uncrosses her legs, uses her toes to empty the lego bin and toe-hold the lego bin to said child's puking face. All the while emptying her hands into the bin. 

I was pretty amazed with myself.  Enough so that I felt that it needed to be written.

Also, just a few photos of the babies. 

 Little brother is a busy, busy man.  There are items in our house that Aiko has never even noticed.  He seems to find everything!

Our annual easter egg hunt and Auntie Mitsie's.

Aiko is getting quirkier and funnier.  The husband is quite excited, he can't wait to hear all the funny things she says. 

Little brother is quite the adventurer, he's always trying to keep up with sister. 

Sometimes, Aiko gives him her attention. Sometimes I feel bad for the little guy, he just wants to play with her!