May 28, 2010


Hearse VS Carmaro 
aka : Slow VS. Fast
aka: Buella VS Bathsheba
Derek planned a Pinewood Derby for Adults....Brilliant.

Look at those beauties.  Mine came in "dead last"  Get it. .. .Hearse. . .dead. . . Buahaha. 
The end. 


There were even some vintage cards present. 

The winners.  They REALLY wanted their photos.  You'll have to click on the picture to see the one on the left.  It gave the other two a run for their money.  It was called "The Bolt Car"

 Look at that Hood Ornament. . .it's a beauty, I put glitter, rhinestones and an old earring for the hood. It was really fun.  Derek spend much time on his.  His took about a week of sanding, gluing, cutting, sanding, sanding and oh sanding.  It turned out pretty cool though.  His was a centerpiece for sure, everybody was wondering how his came out so wide.  Derek wanted to redeem himself.  

Apparently, he won the Scout Award as a child that was "Had least help from Parents Award."


Derby's have come a long way.  This guy was serious with a projector, this cool Finish.  You should have seen these grown men.  They loved every minute and you better believe there was Smack Talk. There were even a couple of other wives. . . if only we could have won, it would have put those men in their place. . .

May 20, 2010

Walk of Shame

I have been riding my bike to work for the last couple weeks, when it's not actually pouring outside.
 It's a pretty quick ride, about 10-15 minutes on the way to work.  
6.8 miles Total, not so long, I feel like I should bike to work.

What we have here is the Antelope Dip which Derek has completely and accurately depicted below. 

So, like I said, the way to work, not so bad.  Unless you think about how it drops 10 degrees at the bottom and my eyes are watering so bad if smudges my mascara from going so fast down the hill.  Small matters really. 

The way back is a whole different story.  

The walk of Shame was Monday.
I had to walk up the last third part of the hill on Antelope, I thought my gears wear on the easiest level, come to find out, it was on the hardest gear, and I couldn't even pedal up that hill, it was SO hard. 


I walked with me head down so nobody in the neighborhood would recognize the sad little person I was.    
It was a long walk.  

I kept stopping and pretending like my gears were messed up or something. . .because really?! 
To top it off, some teenagers threw a ball at me to watch it roll down by me.  Like I was suppose to pick it up or something.  Fire raged within me my friends.  
I do not like belligerent, mean teenagers. 

Today is Thursday, I just barely figured out how the gears really work on this bike.  My bike has a number system, the lower the number the easier the pedal work.  This fancy road bike of Scott's does not have a numbering system so you have to watch the gears to make sure the change.  Plus it has a fancy way of changing gears.  it's just plumb confusing.  
I use these thoughts to comfort myself when the shame is too much to bear. 

This is a picture I took to try and show I "Green" I am to win Jack Johnson Tickets.  it may not be up for a while, so please check back. 

May 16, 2010

What we have here is

Ugly Soccer Faces
There are cute soccer players, and then there are not. 
You might have to click and expand to see the true beauty within.

#1Pretty sure I have three chins in the photos.  I mean really.

#2 I looked like a possessed demoness.

#3 This is my victory look, defying blueberry boy here.

#4 This is Derek's determined soccer face. You better believe he won that ball. 

#5 Squished Latino but really Asian Girl.  (See previous blog)  
The guy in the dark shirt was CRAZY.  People who have not really played soccer before tend to be super aggressive in the wrong way.  He got a bunch of fouls called on him.  The older they are and never playing soccer the harder they hit.  He even got called for full out pushing someone to the ground and asked WHY. 

#6. Couldn't resist Tommy. . .Thigh flashing is common in soccer. 

Alright, these are just some cool photos, not part of Ugly faces section. 

Not sure what my teammates name is here, but this is a cool pose.

Pretty sure I'll never learn my teammates name unless they respond to the names on their shirts.

Oh look, a seagull.

Still looking.

Yup Still looking.  Just kidding, they were waiting for the ball to come down.

I don't even know what this girl is doing, technically you aren't allowed to tickle opponents during soccer.

No Espanol. Zilch, None, Nada.

No, I don’t speak Spanish. 
I know a few basic sentences, enough to get me in trouble.
I’m at work today, sitting outside on the patio during lunch and a guy walks past inside.
No big deal. 
He comes out, I say “Hi” (English word) and then he proceeds to ask me how I’m doing in Spanish.
I smile and say “No, I do not speak Spanish.”
He then asks “Why not?”
Surprised, I am, I say “I am Japanese.”
He says “Well, do you speak Japanese?”
I am now surprised and dejected even more and say “No.”

"What's wrong with you?"

This my friends, is a typical conversation I have with people at least once a month.  It seems my appearance is more Latino than Japanese/White.  I mean really. 

I just went to the Mexican store ( I know, I was asking for it) to buy some delicious tortillas (because, since I grew up in New Mexico, not be confused with MEXICO, I know there are some bad tortilla makers out there)

 I was debating one which size of Delicious Tortillas to buy when Grandma next to me starting conversing with me in complete, fast, Spanish.  I could only make out "Tortilla."  
So, what do I do?  "I'm sorry, I only speak English."
And what does she do?  Starts rambling off some more Spanish.
After she is done, she start speaking in very articulate English.  
We then start talking English and Tortillas.  

I thought I was free, until I met the Cashier.  
I was just asking how long they'd been in business, to which she replied 8 o clock.  
I then proceeded to ask again,
 but then realized her English vocabulary is about as big as my Spanish vocabulary. 

Sigh, I realize I am part of the American Melting Pot, but you'd think people would think I was American?

Hence, my friend Stacie and I are going to somehow learn the Espanol Language.

Crystal Beach

The last of our California adventure.  It's been a very long time since I last went to a beach and played there for more than an hour.  I forgotten how awesome it was!
Here the boys are created a mote for their castle.  It's funny how particular they were about it. 
We played Beach Soccer, which I'd never done before, very fun.

Cute Brittney, carrying the next Walker child.

Little Corbin, debating whether or not he should be destroy my sand castle. 

Obviously, he was displeased with it. 

May 7, 2010

Feelin' Green

Just Beautiful.  First Game is today.