Sep 29, 2009 Pretty Cool

Sep 19, 2009

Ready for Halloween?

Sometimes you can see the funniest things at Target.

Sep 14, 2009

Lots of Asian'ess

Meet the Aunties and cousins. Patti Ann, Grams, Ruthie, and Mari.

Hannah swears the touristy asians always make a peace sign to the camera....

Favorite Past Time. Cracking Walnuts. Grams has/had 2 giant black walnut trees. One was cut down a while ago, but we still have one kicking. We haven't done it for a while but we (meaning the grandkids) would have to harvest walnuts. How does one do this? You pick it up from the ground and put it in a bucket. Rake them in piles, dig through the bishops weed, climb the gian 50 year old tree and shake the limbs while making monkey sounds. (I know, we are awesome). After that, auntie Mitsie and whoever else helps peels the blackness off the shells and lets them dry. For as long as I can remember we've had to crack the walnuts, pick out the nuts inside, then do it again. Grandma used to crack the whip and make sure we picked out every piece.

The Siblings.
Uncle Sammy (the baby), I think Ruthie is the oldest at 96, and grammie at 89. It was a fun weekend getting to know the extended family!

Causey... Again

Mari, Patti Ann, Hannah, Derek, THe Kona and I went hiking around Skull Crack at Causey Dam.

The reservoir was so low! It was pretty cold too, nonetheless we had fun hiking, picnicing, and playing in the water.

It really is pretty. You can see how much the water has dropped in these pictures.

We never KNEW!!!

Hali has been telling us that Farmington Canyon is pretty awesome, so says her friends of friends. So Hannah, Hali, The Kona, Derek and I went exploring for Labor Day.

We've gone up it many times to the "Golf Balls" but never to the mysterious glacier ponds.

It was so green up there! Lots of pretty wild flowers.

Kona overlooking the valley.

Family Picture 09

Kona tested out the ponds every time.

The first glacier pond and second pond. They were pretty low, but the second one was extremely pretty with all the greenery. There was a 3rd pond which we did not take pictures of.

We're excited to camping here! The roads are pretty rough, (there was some reckless people just yesterday who rolled their jeep) we saw many a 4 wheelers. Who wants to come?

Sep 6, 2009

Oktoberfest minus the Fest of Beer

We've recently been learning about culture and how we should expand our heritage. Seeing how we're slightly German and Derek and Hannah are speaking German to each other we thought we would embrace our heritage.

What does one think about when one says Germany?
1. Beer
2. Hitler
3. Beer
4. Bratwurst with Sauerkraut boiled in beer
5. Lederhosen

There was A lot of Beer here, as was expected, but sadly, the Bratwurst with what could have been delicious Sauerkraut was all lousy.

Dancing was fun though.

Some people get drunk with beer, while The Kona gets her high from peanut butter. Clearly, this is what a hangover looks like after large quantities of butter, corn and peanut butter. (Another story for another time)