Sep 14, 2009

We never KNEW!!!

Hali has been telling us that Farmington Canyon is pretty awesome, so says her friends of friends. So Hannah, Hali, The Kona, Derek and I went exploring for Labor Day.

We've gone up it many times to the "Golf Balls" but never to the mysterious glacier ponds.

It was so green up there! Lots of pretty wild flowers.

Kona overlooking the valley.

Family Picture 09

Kona tested out the ponds every time.

The first glacier pond and second pond. They were pretty low, but the second one was extremely pretty with all the greenery. There was a 3rd pond which we did not take pictures of.

We're excited to camping here! The roads are pretty rough, (there was some reckless people just yesterday who rolled their jeep) we saw many a 4 wheelers. Who wants to come?

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  1. Me Me! Pick Me! We haven't seen you guys in forever. We went camping up by Causey for Labor Day and we decided we should go camping with you guys sometime..