Aug 29, 2008

Soccer Awesome, Success

I just want you all to know that Derek looks almost daily at the blog, and to check on his little clickers. . .

Also, our first soccer game was a hit! Derek did really well, and I think everyone had a fun time!! So if you guys ever want to watch come on over!

For those of you who missed the action, here's a clip from the game:

Aug 23, 2008

Derek Took Over for A Day

You may have noticed that our blog changed a little in the last couple of days. That's because I (Derek) decided to take the blog over from Harmony for a day and put some cool stuff on it. Notice the awesome soccer picture I put on, and the google ads down on the bottom right. I suggest that everyone that reads this post go down to the ads and click the most expensive sounding one! That will probably earn me about $0.15! Do it every time you come to the blog, then when I get enough money we can have a party or something. (Actually, I will probably use the cash to buy Twizzlers). Harmony says the ads are stupid and that I have to take them off, so please click as many times as you can! Don't delay or you will miss this opportunity!

Aug 20, 2008

Soccer Awesome

So we've started an indoor soccer team and Derek is going to play! I'm way excited, we went and bought his first shin guards. We're playing with some other couples. . .it should be way fun. Anybody want to play with us? We'll still recruiting for our team! Wednesday Nights???

Aug 19, 2008

Guitar Hero Nights

We started playing Guitar Hero at Grandma Oka's House. On the 24th of July we got two screens and two projectors for double the fun! It's becoming a favorite activity at Grandma's rivaling the slip 'n slide, volleyball games, skiing/sledding and frisbee golf. It's just a really great place to do all of the things our family loves!

Aug 9, 2008

Top Favorite 3 years we were married?

So we just had our 3rd Anniversary. . .we usually try to go on a trip somewhere. This weekend we spent the day at Jordenelle Reservoir for my work party. We had 4 ski-doos and a boat. It was REALLY fun. We spent most of our time on the ski-doos. I'm not much of a motor boat person, but the ski doo was way fun. Kind of scary too. Derek and I went double, and holy cow! Talk about whip lash, I've never heard Derek laugh so hard, we would take turns on back and go as fast and as hard as we could on the wakes. I'm still recovering, while Derek is a nice shade of pink. . .
After Boating all day we went camping at Monte Cristo. After taking a while to finally find a place to camp for the night, we had hot dogs (giant one that were almost a 1/4 lb of beef. . *sick I know). A **Freakin Owl and Kona (barking at the Freakin COWS) kept us up most of the night.
When we woke up we went up to Causey Dam (Our usual place on the weekend) and went on a very long Kayaking trip. We bought Kona a Doggie Life Vest.
!!!! Think Blue with white Polka Dots. Very Stylish. . .Almost bought the Pink with Polka Dots.
Note: Dogs are very good swimmers, but after a couple hours of swimming, well lets just say its good that we bought the lifejacket.
On the kayaking trip it seemed that we came upon some skinny dippers (awkward). We had to tie a rope to Kona and Derek's Kayak so we could go faster, while I trolled for fish. We trained Kona to sit on the front of Derek's Kayak, it was hilarious, she would lazily put a paw in the river to throw off Derek's balance. We ended the trip by some cliff jumping.
Afterwords, we went to Gram's and watched the Olympics and played Guitar hero on the project out back until the Wind Blew over our screen. . . Until next time. . .

Aug 3, 2008

Another Amazing Weekend

So we went to Causey Dam. . . once again. We had quite the team, Hannah, Hali, Jackie, Amanda, Derek, Mike, Alicia, me and of course Kona. We jumped off cliffs, hannah got a bloody nose and almost died while jumping off the highest peak....sigh, what a good weekend. We also played scene it on the projector with the exteneded family. Seems like a new tradition is born. Oh, the twilight book came out, and it is awesome! We've all been reading it.
***Nerd Alert *** Hannah, me and Jackie even waited in line at midnight. . .it was HILARIOUS. Girls were screaming, there were a lot of men waiting too for some reason. ..