Aug 9, 2008

Top Favorite 3 years we were married?

So we just had our 3rd Anniversary. . .we usually try to go on a trip somewhere. This weekend we spent the day at Jordenelle Reservoir for my work party. We had 4 ski-doos and a boat. It was REALLY fun. We spent most of our time on the ski-doos. I'm not much of a motor boat person, but the ski doo was way fun. Kind of scary too. Derek and I went double, and holy cow! Talk about whip lash, I've never heard Derek laugh so hard, we would take turns on back and go as fast and as hard as we could on the wakes. I'm still recovering, while Derek is a nice shade of pink. . .
After Boating all day we went camping at Monte Cristo. After taking a while to finally find a place to camp for the night, we had hot dogs (giant one that were almost a 1/4 lb of beef. . *sick I know). A **Freakin Owl and Kona (barking at the Freakin COWS) kept us up most of the night.
When we woke up we went up to Causey Dam (Our usual place on the weekend) and went on a very long Kayaking trip. We bought Kona a Doggie Life Vest.
!!!! Think Blue with white Polka Dots. Very Stylish. . .Almost bought the Pink with Polka Dots.
Note: Dogs are very good swimmers, but after a couple hours of swimming, well lets just say its good that we bought the lifejacket.
On the kayaking trip it seemed that we came upon some skinny dippers (awkward). We had to tie a rope to Kona and Derek's Kayak so we could go faster, while I trolled for fish. We trained Kona to sit on the front of Derek's Kayak, it was hilarious, she would lazily put a paw in the river to throw off Derek's balance. We ended the trip by some cliff jumping.
Afterwords, we went to Gram's and watched the Olympics and played Guitar hero on the project out back until the Wind Blew over our screen. . . Until next time. . .


  1. Happy Anniversay guys! Can you believe it has already been three years? We are getting old.

    Corbin misses Kona, he tried to sit on Molly while we were at Caleb's mom's house. Turns out she isn't as patient with him.

  2. You camped at Monte Cristo? I thought that was only in the movies, and not a place to camp, but a count! Honestly sounds like a good time though!

  3. OH MY GOSH DEREK! You are so lame with the comments but you are keeping Hunter and myself VERY entertained! I guess this is the best way for you to get your jokes in with us since you live so far away...