Aug 3, 2008

Another Amazing Weekend

So we went to Causey Dam. . . once again. We had quite the team, Hannah, Hali, Jackie, Amanda, Derek, Mike, Alicia, me and of course Kona. We jumped off cliffs, hannah got a bloody nose and almost died while jumping off the highest peak....sigh, what a good weekend. We also played scene it on the projector with the exteneded family. Seems like a new tradition is born. Oh, the twilight book came out, and it is awesome! We've all been reading it.
***Nerd Alert *** Hannah, me and Jackie even waited in line at midnight. . .it was HILARIOUS. Girls were screaming, there were a lot of men waiting too for some reason. ..


  1. Sounds like you're having too much fun without us! We need to see you guys again!

  2. Yeah for the new Oka tradition. I hope to play more! We need to get a new sound system that is easier to hook up. Cory & Derek could play all night! Next time, let's just sleep under the stars.