Dec 29, 2011

Derek and I have an announcement. . . .

New Year Drum roll please
Oh, yes, it's true!

Oh wait, you didn' thought...?

That's just silly. 

Hit 200,00 with sweet Jezebel. (I know, that's what the husband named his Toytoa Celica) Derek has been dying for this day to happen!  I had to pull off the highway, drive around South Weber forever. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to drive 3 miles in a residential neighborhood. . . so I wouldn't miss taking a picture of this. 

We're going to have a party...not sure when.


Dec 28, 2011

once again, pinterest.

 Thanks. From my happy Husband.
Original thought from here

Dec 27, 2011

Carousals, lights and knights

So, we spent 3 days in Disneyland...which I'll admit, is quite a amazing in itself.

We were able to do the rides we wouldn't normally do. Like the carousel.

Watch all the little shows we never have time to see.  It's a Small World at Christmas is SOOO much better. The old song is replaced with Christmas words.

Wander through all parts of the castle.

Go multiple times on Screamin for pictures sake.

Take pictures of the funny bathrooms signs.

And go to all the bathrooms in the park.

Watch Captain EO. 
(Which if anything, it was a nice place to nap.  Terribly painful movie.)

Take awkward photos with Hali and my Uncle Sam and Aunt Patty's House.

Take multiple photos of the castle.

Ride the Teacups.

Possessed eye photos are a must.

Tired of these posts yet?
Because they are finally done.  Sigh.
Good times Disneyland, Good times.

Dec 23, 2011

Good Company, food, music, disneyland can do no wrong.

Note to all...these are not in order. 
It's much too hard.

Thunder Mountain, might just be one of the best little thrillers out there.

The swings...which kind of make me a little sick.

Look at my husband's face! 
Hali was laughing like a manic.
Boy, do I have a video for you.

We ate many smashed PB&J.
more smashed than anything.

toy story ride. always a super long wait.
always worth the long wait, even if someone did puke in the line somewhere.

Disneyland for Christmas, what more could you ask for?

Stuck on the line.

So excited for Cars to open in the California side. 
It will be amazing! They are building the entire Radiator Springs. 

Giant turkey leg.
It was delicious.
All my hard healthy work out the door.

Here I am trying to be healthy, eating the avocado. 
which was so smashed and brown it would have made me cry, except for I was at Disneyland.

The world of colors was amazing.
Absolutely stunning, even if it was raining, and we were on the front row getting even wetter.

I bought this print for our house..that will hopefully close soon!

The Matterhorn.
This is what my mom thinks of when we say Disneyland. 
As a young girl, her family always came to Disneyland, so you see, our love goes deep and for many years back. So sad Mitsie, jan and my dad couldn't join us.

Grams at Disneyland.
She is where my mom gets her trooperness.

Highlighted points of Disneyland.

So many Strollers!!  It's an event in itself.
 Disneyland is so efficient.  Stroller parking organization is a must. 

Steamboat ride.

We went onto the Pirates Lair...which for some reason, I've never been on.
Found the loot!  This may be my favorites thing EVER.
They have a giant ant hill that has a bunch of tunnels and secret passage ways.
Yeah....we all went through for like an hour.

The mama, always a trooper.
Here's to Winnie the Pooh ride!

I've never understood why Star Wars is on the Disneyland premises, but, I do think this shirt fits me.

Every time we get on Autopia, it gets stuck...and we end up walking out of the ride, instead of rolling in.  I'm afraid, this is a thumbs down for me. 

California Screamin!  We have some awesome pics of us screaming!

I don't understand this end up in hell in the end...right?

Riding the trams

Always fun.

Not riding the trams.
Not so fun.

Hippie Lego Van in Downtown Disney.
I need this.
It. even. has. a table. with. curtains.

isn't this picture crazy? 
totally looks like Woody is a little pixelated. 

Derek's awesome super green jolly jacket.
Which, was such a life saver.
See, the husband walks super fast, and his wife has to take 1.5 steps for every one of his. 
Makes her tired. If I do not have his hand in mind, then he's gone. 
I usually wait until he noticed that he's once again, ditched me. 
Which is about a mile later. 
At least, this time, i had my mom, who's legs are about the same.

Did you know you could purchase any color by the pound?

Don't worry, it wouldn't be a great night without a possessed Harmony Photo.