Dec 23, 2011

Highlighted points of Disneyland.

So many Strollers!!  It's an event in itself.
 Disneyland is so efficient.  Stroller parking organization is a must. 

Steamboat ride.

We went onto the Pirates Lair...which for some reason, I've never been on.
Found the loot!  This may be my favorites thing EVER.
They have a giant ant hill that has a bunch of tunnels and secret passage ways.
Yeah....we all went through for like an hour.

The mama, always a trooper.
Here's to Winnie the Pooh ride!

I've never understood why Star Wars is on the Disneyland premises, but, I do think this shirt fits me.

Every time we get on Autopia, it gets stuck...and we end up walking out of the ride, instead of rolling in.  I'm afraid, this is a thumbs down for me. 

California Screamin!  We have some awesome pics of us screaming!

I don't understand this end up in hell in the end...right?

Riding the trams

Always fun.

Not riding the trams.
Not so fun.

Hippie Lego Van in Downtown Disney.
I need this.
It. even. has. a table. with. curtains.

isn't this picture crazy? 
totally looks like Woody is a little pixelated. 

Derek's awesome super green jolly jacket.
Which, was such a life saver.
See, the husband walks super fast, and his wife has to take 1.5 steps for every one of his. 
Makes her tired. If I do not have his hand in mind, then he's gone. 
I usually wait until he noticed that he's once again, ditched me. 
Which is about a mile later. 
At least, this time, i had my mom, who's legs are about the same.

Did you know you could purchase any color by the pound?

Don't worry, it wouldn't be a great night without a possessed Harmony Photo.

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  1. Oh Autopia. You got stuck in remembrance of Hunter and I! Your trip would not have been the same without it:)