Dec 27, 2011

Carousals, lights and knights

So, we spent 3 days in Disneyland...which I'll admit, is quite a amazing in itself.

We were able to do the rides we wouldn't normally do. Like the carousel.

Watch all the little shows we never have time to see.  It's a Small World at Christmas is SOOO much better. The old song is replaced with Christmas words.

Wander through all parts of the castle.

Go multiple times on Screamin for pictures sake.

Take pictures of the funny bathrooms signs.

And go to all the bathrooms in the park.

Watch Captain EO. 
(Which if anything, it was a nice place to nap.  Terribly painful movie.)

Take awkward photos with Hali and my Uncle Sam and Aunt Patty's House.

Take multiple photos of the castle.

Ride the Teacups.

Possessed eye photos are a must.

Tired of these posts yet?
Because they are finally done.  Sigh.
Good times Disneyland, Good times.

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