Sep 30, 2008

Easiest Cookies in the WORLD

Pumpkin Delicious Cookies-

1 Can Pumpkin
1 Box of Spice Cake Mix
Chocolate Chips
Cook for about 14 minutes at 375...fantabulous

Sep 28, 2008

Starcraft 1983

Starcraft 1983, one word, Amazing.

Meet Starcraft 1983.

We deciding to go camping with the Miller's and my sisters (rhyming) one last time before the snow falls. Here we are playing games at the table.

Hali showing us how a real fire is made,

Kona wishes she had some hobo dinner too!

S'mores made with the chocolately, hazlenutty goodness with 100 fat calories per 2 tbsp is divine!

Derek tells me at least once a week, how much he loves his truck
Ahh Cute husband.

Hannah and her photo shoot with "The Kona"
Hannah's photo shoot with her love

Derek showing us how "Real Men Work" in all their glory

Corbin and Kona really like each other for some reason. Corbin just follows her around saying "Tail, Tail Tail"

Recently, Corbin has started to notice Derek, we woke up to Corbin repeating "Drrick, Drrick, Drrick, Driick." We're not sure why he kept saying his name, or why he has sudden interest in Derek, but he liked to help Derek.

Until next time!

Sep 12, 2008

It's Very Late but I'm So Excited!


So I've become pretty obsessive. . .I spend a couple hours a night on the quilt. But here's where I am so far. . I think I have the hard parts done. . .So when I bought the material I warned Derek it might get expensive, and my Auntie Janet gave me some Joanne's coupons, and the lady at Joanne's gave me 40% off EVERYTHING!!! It was amazing, I basically got everything I needed to finish for almost have off. What a lady. . .

For some reason my mom thinks the patterns and colors are a good representation of my personality. . somewhat sporadic and a little CRAZY. (*Shrug)

I wanted to post some pictures of my quilt! I've finished the hard part, and got bored tonight so I started a pillow! Hopefully you guys can see the cute material okay. . .Sorry, Steph, but I LOVE THE BUTTONS.

Sep 9, 2008

Random Photo of Breaking Dawn Opening Night

So for kicks and giggles Jackie, Hannah, and I went to Walmart to get the Breaking Dawn Book! We waiting in a long line with girls screaming (literally) with excitement, it was awesome (?)
. ..Here we are showing our excitement as well. . .

Sep 7, 2008

Pioneerish Tendencies

So I've found myself wanting. . .wanting a farm, with a cute pioneer house with two chimney's, a donkey, vegetable garden, blackberries plants, nashi trees, another dog, and Derek to stay home with me and Kona all day, floating down the river that would go along our back yard. Oh, and I also want a HUGE tree to climb on, with a swing. We think that I probably should have been born in the early 1900's, judging from what I'd like. Derek's been telling me since we got married that he's going to be a millionaire by the time he's 30! So I'm planning for our pioneerish life once we're millionaires, kind of ironic.
Recently, Kona and I have been at my Gram's on Saturday mornings helping in the garden, and it's very relaxing. We've picked LOTS of weeds, now that the season is almost over. I've made some yummy blackberry jam (first time ever), apple pies, fresh peaches and cream, salsa, grilled corn, soy beans, okra, green beans. . .lots of different veggies. Recently, we brought in a crop (literally) a crop of soy beans. (For those of you who have never grown them, it's kind of awesome, you plant the beans, when the beans get fat you pull up the plant and all, then end, done.)
Lucky for Kona and I, Derek has been very busy making his millions on clicker adds with google and other work relating items. (He really has been) Derek and his friend Nate work lots of late hours, making websites for companies, and playing with spreadsheets. It's good Derek has a friend who likes them as much as he does.

I took up a new hobby since, well. . . . it's going to take me a long time to work on it, and Derek is busy. My friend Alex, made a beautiful quilt (shown below) and inspired me to try it out myself.

I found an awesome quilt creator (?) by the name of Amy Butler, (come to find out, that's where Alex got her pattern) and she has free patterns

. . . and now I'm hooked! I had to find 25 different colors of material, and then spent a while getting them cut, 3 hours later I had all my pieces cut and ready to be sewn. 6 hours later I have the main part almost finished. I'm very excited!! The pattern is called "Amy's Mid Mod Quilt" I'll put pictures up when I'm finished. . . So that's my latest (another reason for my long blog is because in church they told us to keep a "journal" of our lives on a blog, and I thought it was an excellent idea, so we're trying to write more.)