Sep 28, 2008

Starcraft 1983

Starcraft 1983, one word, Amazing.

Meet Starcraft 1983.

We deciding to go camping with the Miller's and my sisters (rhyming) one last time before the snow falls. Here we are playing games at the table.

Hali showing us how a real fire is made,

Kona wishes she had some hobo dinner too!

S'mores made with the chocolately, hazlenutty goodness with 100 fat calories per 2 tbsp is divine!

Derek tells me at least once a week, how much he loves his truck
Ahh Cute husband.

Hannah and her photo shoot with "The Kona"
Hannah's photo shoot with her love

Derek showing us how "Real Men Work" in all their glory

Corbin and Kona really like each other for some reason. Corbin just follows her around saying "Tail, Tail Tail"

Recently, Corbin has started to notice Derek, we woke up to Corbin repeating "Drrick, Drrick, Drrick, Driick." We're not sure why he kept saying his name, or why he has sudden interest in Derek, but he liked to help Derek.

Until next time!


  1. Yahoo for Starcraft 1983. If it was a 1984 then it would automatically DOUBLE it's coolness! Anyway, looks like you guys had fun. Good times!

  2. That looks like such a fun weekend!!! I love the truck too! Extra extra sexy.