Sep 12, 2008

It's Very Late but I'm So Excited!


So I've become pretty obsessive. . .I spend a couple hours a night on the quilt. But here's where I am so far. . I think I have the hard parts done. . .So when I bought the material I warned Derek it might get expensive, and my Auntie Janet gave me some Joanne's coupons, and the lady at Joanne's gave me 40% off EVERYTHING!!! It was amazing, I basically got everything I needed to finish for almost have off. What a lady. . .

For some reason my mom thinks the patterns and colors are a good representation of my personality. . somewhat sporadic and a little CRAZY. (*Shrug)

I wanted to post some pictures of my quilt! I've finished the hard part, and got bored tonight so I started a pillow! Hopefully you guys can see the cute material okay. . .Sorry, Steph, but I LOVE THE BUTTONS.


  1. I like it Harmony! You are quite the little homemaker!

  2. Harm, what amazing skills you have! When you are done, you can start making one for me and I will rig the Christmas names so that you get me! Ha ha. I'm just fooling! Anyway, it looks way cute MINUS the buttons. You should really consider taking those back so that you don't completely ruin your masterpiece! ;)

  3. Wow, Harm! That is GORGEOUS!! That's amazing that you did that on your first quilting try! That's hard stuff!!!! I wish I could do that! What a treasure to have!

  4. Harm, I love that your trying out new hobbies. It looks great!

  5. Oh sister. I am glad you have taken up such a great hobby...though it does take up a lot of your time...away from ME. I mean, you only get to see me so much. The time we have together is precious, and what do you do? Spend it with your fabrics and round cutter slicer thing that could easily take off my finger. Oh well, I suppose Kona, Derek and I will have to do without you.

  6. I think it looks great but some of the lines on the material are going the wrong way.