May 26, 2011

Ryan and Heather

Meet Ryan and Heather.  Ryan was one of my best buds growing up and Heather and I became friends through the adoption process.  Spread the word.
Their blog.

May 15, 2011

F - R- I - E- N -D -S...FRIENDS

Love these ladies.  
They live so close that we can walk around the was like a gang of teenager girls walking the neighborhood, except we're not teenagers...get it.  
Except wait, Michelle and I both grew up in this same neighborhood, walking it when we were teenagers. Some things never change. 

Chelsie introduced us to Menchies...and it is delicious. 

They have these little fruit balls that have some crazy texture and yummy juice inside!
Plus Mochi balls...(really they are monju) and red dye...lots of it.

Michelle leaves soon back to Mexico...always sad to see her go.

May 13, 2011

Wheelin and dealin the Di

Got this puppy for $2.00
Wait until you see what I have planned for it!

I'm just going to walk to the Post Office.

You see, I knew I needed to go exercise, but I was being lazy and didn't want to go to my cycling class, so I thought, I'll ride my bike to the Post Office to mail a present...then I looked at my fat dog and couldn't resist her big brown eyes.  So Kona and I took the walk.

It was beautiful...this is the top of "the dip."
It would have been so much more fun to ride my bike down the hill, but then the Kona couldn't run with me and I wouldn't have taken this picture. 

She very tired and 50 minutes later and around 3 miles later.. . .

I called my mom to come pick me up... I didn't want to walk home....

Yeah, where is spring?

It may be lovely and mysterious....but my tulips are not going to handle this well.

Granted this was just a couple weeks ago. 

May 9, 2011

Remember the Twins?

SQUEEEEE!  I mean they were cute before...but now?!

I couldn't decide between these two luckily i had both of them.
The husband wanted the blue for his manly side of the bed.

May 5, 2011

Last day of windy Moab.

It was so sunny and so windy!

Stephanie has an eye for beauty.

Luckily, for us that is, Hunter doesn't care for hiking, so him and The Kona spent quite a bit a time together. 

We were watching Hunter and Stephanie running through the dunes.

Husband "Can you hold The Kona down this dune, I don't want to get sand in my shoes."
Me. "Okaaaaaayyyyyyy." 
(Whilst running down the dune, getting the leash ripped from my hand and The Kona bolts after Stephanie and Hunter.)
Derek bolts after The Kona.
Kona bolts back to me...because i was slowly walking through the dunes and letting the sand get in my toes.  Derek bolts back after the Kona...this happens back and forth a couple different times, all while I'm taking pictures and letting sand between my toes.
You can see Derek pointing and The Kona standing high and mighty, ignoring him.

It really was beautiful there. 

Landscape Arch...which I think should have been called Delicate Arch instead.  
I'd better write the National Park and give them my input.

Double Arch.

It was packed with people and it should be.

The Kona was all tuckered out for camping, panting, and being a slight pain throughout the trip.
But, ya gotta love the pup!

Well done Tom and Carol!

May 3, 2011

Delicate Arch in Moab

It's almost breathtaking when you come around the ledge on the cliff and see this giant arch.. . and then all the hundreds of people there too.  Sigh. Makes for a hard picture.

What's a trip without me crocheting a headband.

This isn't the nicest picture of me, maybe I look so sick because of all the "boys" running around without their shirts on for pictures...they could have at least been muscly.

The Husband can take some pretty pictures when I can get him to take the photos!

And then sometimes not!  
This is a direct result of having long hair and not washing/brushing/do anything with it.

This is the ledge right before the Arch.

Get ready.

So this picture seems a little out of place right?  
Well apparently not to the little 6 year old kid hiking...we're just walking down the trail when all of a sudden crazy kid is holding this creature.  The legs are eerily swinging and I swear I saw his head and eyes stare me down.   Yes, I'm still having nightmares. 
We took a couple pictures of the kid, but he was too far away...if only we had our camera out and ready for when he passed by.

Petroglyphs...these are much nicer than some others I've seen.  Just some nice Big horn sheep and horses, not at all like the last pornographic ones in Zion's. 

May 1, 2011

Moabing for Easter

On our Way~

The Kona is very excited to go.

Dead Horse Point

It is lovely, but the story is so sad.  
Dead Horse Point...who gets to pick the National Parks?

The nephews.

Canyon Lands

I can't remember what this hike was called. 

So we'll call it Overlook 1. 

Here it is.  
Scientist believe that a meteor hit this area.

I had just gotten my road bike all tuned up (actually Scott's bike) and decided not to take it to Moab. 
Why would I have known that Moab also has a nice paved asphalt bike trail.
So we took my 13 year old veteran mountain bike and bike 9 miles in.
Super fun...except for the wind got so bad it literally stopped you completely. 
This is Kona wishing she could be running along side.. . which is a ridiculous thought.
She would have fallen over after a couple miles...dead.

What's camping without the MALLOWs an Pyros?

to be continued...