May 1, 2011

Moabing for Easter

On our Way~

The Kona is very excited to go.

Dead Horse Point

It is lovely, but the story is so sad.  
Dead Horse Point...who gets to pick the National Parks?

The nephews.

Canyon Lands

I can't remember what this hike was called. 

So we'll call it Overlook 1. 

Here it is.  
Scientist believe that a meteor hit this area.

I had just gotten my road bike all tuned up (actually Scott's bike) and decided not to take it to Moab. 
Why would I have known that Moab also has a nice paved asphalt bike trail.
So we took my 13 year old veteran mountain bike and bike 9 miles in.
Super fun...except for the wind got so bad it literally stopped you completely. 
This is Kona wishing she could be running along side.. . which is a ridiculous thought.
She would have fallen over after a couple miles...dead.

What's camping without the MALLOWs an Pyros?

to be continued...

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  1. I think 13 year old crappy bikes give you a better workout anyway! Way to go Harmony!