May 5, 2011

Last day of windy Moab.

It was so sunny and so windy!

Stephanie has an eye for beauty.

Luckily, for us that is, Hunter doesn't care for hiking, so him and The Kona spent quite a bit a time together. 

We were watching Hunter and Stephanie running through the dunes.

Husband "Can you hold The Kona down this dune, I don't want to get sand in my shoes."
Me. "Okaaaaaayyyyyyy." 
(Whilst running down the dune, getting the leash ripped from my hand and The Kona bolts after Stephanie and Hunter.)
Derek bolts after The Kona.
Kona bolts back to me...because i was slowly walking through the dunes and letting the sand get in my toes.  Derek bolts back after the Kona...this happens back and forth a couple different times, all while I'm taking pictures and letting sand between my toes.
You can see Derek pointing and The Kona standing high and mighty, ignoring him.

It really was beautiful there. 

Landscape Arch...which I think should have been called Delicate Arch instead.  
I'd better write the National Park and give them my input.

Double Arch.

It was packed with people and it should be.

The Kona was all tuckered out for camping, panting, and being a slight pain throughout the trip.
But, ya gotta love the pup!

Well done Tom and Carol!

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